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HOW to use old clothes

How to use old clothes

Spring - the best time to clean our closets of clothes that we never again will not wear.

Some things can be donated or sold, but what about those that are worn out or have not deducible spots?

Do not rush to throw them away.

Here are some tips on how you can use the end-of-life clothing.



If cotton jackets and trousers have lostshape and color, they can only be used as rags for cleaning. Otpor working zippers and save. They may still be useful for you crafts or repair clothing. Also zipper used as a garment trim.


Duvet covers and sheets can be used as a basis for sewing baby blankets. Also, one can sew pillowcases. Cases can be made on clothing from old pillowcases.


From jeans can make a lot of useful things. Beginning and ending with shorts bags, bracelets and even pillowcases on the pillows.


Shirts often are made of beautiful fabrics,which can be used for sewing quilts and pillows. They can also be used for sewing clothes for dolls. Always rip off the buttons, they will also be useful to you in needlework.


T-Shirts, retains its form, may beturned into soft blankets and pillows. If they have a geometric design, it will make the final product more interesting. From T-shirts can make children's shirts, hats, etc. Also from T-shirts and T-shirts are obtained very nice rugs.


Socks, tights and gloves can also getsecond life. From children's socks and tights can make a variety of toys: dolls, rabbits, etc. Of the courses can be to make an unusual accessory - sleeves.


Belts can be shortened and make children. Either shortened old belt can be turned into a collar for a dog. Also from leather straps make beautiful bracelets. Buckles not dispose of, they will still come in handy if you decide to get yourself a new strap.

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