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HOW to use oil for hair Bay

How to use the oil for hair Bay

Oil has hit a sweet fragrance similar to the aroma of cloves.

It is very useful for hair.

Oil hit soothes and tones simultaneously.

It can help with dystonia, anxiety states.

Oil hit Hair
This means a unique chemical composition,so it works wonders with curls! Oil hit strengthens the hair, making them smooth and durable structure, stops excessive hair loss. Oil Bay Leaf nourishes itself directly affects the hair and the hair follicle.
Use and contraindications
This oil in its pure form is used. It must be mixed with castor or burdock oil, yogurt, sour cream. The proportions may be different, it all depends on the length of hair, their type. The mixture is applied to the hair or rubbed into the scalp. It is recommended for best effect to cover the head wrap and a towel.
Bay oil is used for the eyelashes. Only hypertensive patients can not use this tool. Before applying to the eyelashes and the hair is necessary to test, causing the mixture on the wrist. If an allergic reaction is not followed, it can be applied to essential medication directly to the hair.
Keep the mask on your hair should be no more than half an hour. Use this tool better 3-month course.
Nourishing mask
Warm castor oil and burdock (2-3 Art. spoon), mix with the oil hit, add whipped egg yolk. Mix, apply a curl roots spread over the length. If you have oily hair, the mask should be applied only to the hair.
Moisturizing mask
Mix 5 tablespoons. spoonfuls of sour cream (take the cream fat) with 5 drops of oil. Apply to the head and a thick layer of curls. This mask moisturizes dry hair, gives elasticity and vitality.
Mask for hair growth
Mix 2 drops of oil with the usual shampoo or balm for hair. this lineup wash your hair over time. After several treatments hair will start to grow faster.
for fine hair mask
Mix olive oil or flaxseed oil and butter Bey, honey and egg yolk. Put on head massage, wash off after 20 minutes. This mask strengthens the hair structure, making them less brittle.

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