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How to Use Butter Bay Oil


How to Use Butter Bay Oil</a>

Butter has a sweetish aroma, similar to that of carnation.

It is very useful for hair.

Oil bee calms and tones at the same time.

It can help with dystonia, anxiety.

Hair oil for hair
This drug has a unique chemical composition,So it creates real miracles with curls! Butter oil strengthens the hair, making their structure smooth and durable, stops excessive loss. Butter leaf oil feeds directly to the hair itself and acts on the hair follicle.
Application and contraindications
This oil is not used in its pure form. It must be mixed with castor or burdock oil, kefir, sour cream. The proportions can be different, it all depends on the length of the hair, their type. The mixture is applied to the hair or rubbed into the scalp. It is recommended to cover the head with a film and a towel for better effect.
Butter is also used for eyelashes. Only hypertensive patients can not use this remedy. Before application on eyelashes and hair it is necessary to spend the test, having put a mix on a wrist. If an allergic reaction is not followed, then it is possible to apply the etheric drug directly to the hair.
Keep the mask on your hair for no more than half an hour. Apply this tool better 3-month courses.
Nourishing Mask
Preheat castor and burdock oil (2-3 tbsp. Spoon), mix with butter, beaten egg yolk. Mix, apply on the roots of the curls, distribute along the length. If you have oily hair, then the mask should be applied only to the hair.
Moisturizing Mask
Mix 5 tbsp. Spoons of sour cream (take sour cream fat) with 5 drops of oil. Apply a thick layer on the head and curls. This mask well moisturizes dry hair, gives elasticity, vitality.
Mask for hair growth
Mix 2 drops of oil with the usual shampoo or hair balm. With this compound, wash your hair once. After several procedures, the hair will begin to grow faster.
Mask for thin hair
Mix olive or linseed oil with butter, honey, and yolk. Apply on the head with massage movements, after 20 minutes, rinse. This mask strengthens the structure of the hair, making them less brittle.

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