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HOW to use liquid wallpaper for repair

How to use liquid wallpaper for repair

In the interior decoration works more and more popular today receive liquid wallpaper.

This is a special kind of decorative finishing materials.

Wallpapers of this type have many advantages, among them - the ease of application and environmental safety, a long life of the coating.

The structure of liquid wallpaper includes various components: dyes, cellulose, silk materials, adhesive agent, wood chips, and more. Special mixture of wallpaper can be called only conditionally, the product is more similar to the decorative plaster. Liquid wallpaper is recommended for application in all rooms with normal humidity.

Revolutionary finishing material has earned the trust of consumers for several reasons:

  • Ease of application - the mixture with a base of celluloseeasily distributed on the surface, it does not form bubbles. Unlike conventional wallpaper such liquid material does not imply the presence of joints. To cause a lot of a certain shade, just need to have treatment skills with plaster. Special tools or knowledge is not ponadobyatsya-
  • Possibility of leveling the surface - liquid wallpaper suitable for application even on the wall with small defects, cracks or whether the irregularities. Elastic coating withstand shrinkage home-
  • Good thermal insulation and soundproofing - a unique material further improves the quality of sound insulation, insulation. Liquid wallpaper leak air through the porous strukture-
  • • Anti-static effect - the material can be used for decoration, where allergies are living, young children. Finish does not attract dust-particles
  • Maintainability - if damaged leaf liquid wallpaper damaged layer is removed and deposited in its place new-
  • The ability to implement any design ideas. Liquid wallpaper let you experiment with finishing. You can make an original drawing from the mixture, to purchase material from algae crumb, mica pearl, sequins and other decorative dobavok-
  • The need for a minimum of maintenance. To maintain the cleanliness of the room is enough to clean the liquid wall of settled dust and cobwebs vacuuming, dry schetkoy-
  • Safe composition. The main components liquid wallpaper are cotton fiber, or cellulose - harmless sub- stances
  • Durability - the life of the material is unlimited, the coating does not burn in the sun, it does not lose its qualities for many years.

Buy today for repair liquid wallpaper can be of several types:

  • Tsellyuloznye-
  • Shelkovye-
  • Pulp and silk.

The most resistant to the effects of UV light are consideredsilk wallpaper, they do not change during the coloring operation. However, these compounds are quite expensive. Cellulose and combined liquid wallpaper somewhat inferior to the decorative characteristics of silk, but they are more affordable.

The surface of the walls after application of liquid wallpaper is becoming relief, pleasant to the touch. Finely porous material is incredibly convenient in application, with the work even manage student.

Choosing liquid wallpaper can forget bythe need to fit the traditional pattern on wallpaper. It is also ready to use mixture is allowed to draw the walls in the room in a matter of seconds, where there are niches, ledges.

To perform a finishing liquid wallpaper,dilute the powder packet in accordance with the instruction to prepare and walls. They should be cleaned of dust, dirt, remnants of old wallpaper, paint. It is desirable to apply primer to the work surface. After it dries mass distribute lightly with a spatula. Liquid wallpaper give room for imagination, if you wish, you can draw walls with patterns, pictures.

Drying time depends on the temperature of the mixture,the level of humidity. This usually 15-48 hours. When planning to make the finish in an apartment or house liquid wallpaper, you need to remember that the resulting surface must be protected from direct exposure to moisture. By the way, there are commercially available and water-resistant liquid wallpaper.

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