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How to use liquid wallpaper

How to use liquid wallpaper

Today, you can find new, innovative finishing material in DIY stores, presented in a wide range of textures and colors - liquid wallpaper.

It was the novelty of the material repels many, even skilled craftsmen, depriving them of the possibility to decorate your home with original, stylish material.

But the application of liquid wallpaper is easy enough process.

Liquid wallpaper is available in two forms: in a dry mix and ready-to-use. The dry mixture is diluted with water prior to application according to the instructions on the package of wallpaper. "Bonding" liquid wallpaper in two ways: manually and pistol-hopper. Application gun for application helps to create a rough surface, so it is more suitable for the finishing of office premises. At home, it is best to apply these wallpapers by most ordinary trowel.

Preparing walls for pasting

For gluing of liquid wallpaper, which reviewscan be found in the appropriate forums, you must provide a smooth surface of the wall, which is necessarily processed primer. On top of the primer additionally applied latex paint, the color of which should match the tone of liquid wallpaper.

For liquid wallpaper is absolutely no difference from what made the walls, as they are well acclimatized and brickwork, and drywall sheets, and fiberboard.


Before dilute the mixture with water, dry, it should be well shaken directly in the package in order to break up the lumps that are often formed during storage.
Now you can pour a mixture of water, according to theinstructions on the package, and leave to swell. As a container for soaking the wallpaper you can use strong plastic bags. After swelling the mixture is thoroughly mixed and applied to the prepared wall. soaking time varies within 10-12 hours, depending on kinds of wallpaper.

In the preparation of the mixture can not be used, electric mixers are designed for mixing plaster and putty.

Application of liquid wallpaper

Technology application of liquid wallpaper is enoughsimple. Using a spatula takes a small portion of the mixture and pounces on the wall, then carefully spread with a roller, instead of which you can also use a plastic trowel. Roller leveling must be tough and durable.
The layer thickness for each type of wallpaper can bedifferent. Therefore, you need to carefully read the information on the packaging. In the absence of information, the thickness of the applied layer shall be held within three millimeters.

Application of liquid wallpaper is possible only at zero temperature in the room.

Liquid wallpaper in contrast to paper webs, are completely indifferent to drafts, so you can safely open the doors and windows to ventilate the room immediately after completion.

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