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How to use liquid crystals Constant delight

How to use liquid crystals Constant delight

"Liquid crystals» Constant Delight for treatment andHair Care - a novelty that many have fell in love with the fair sex. This effective tool allows you to forget about the problem of split ends, restore weakened hair, breathing life into them.

Use miraculous "liquid crystal" can be for both treatment and prevention in order to "support" the hair in optimal condition.

Constant Delight - Italian brand, whichIt offers a range of hair care products. In Russia, are becoming increasingly popular "liquid crystals" businesses that are easy to use. Use the multi tool is easy to use at home, special "crystal" is selected and professional stylists.

Secrets of the use of "liquid crystals"

"Liquid crystals» Constant Delight perfectlycope with the tasks of hair care products. A unique cosmetic product contains vitamin cocktail, mineral oil. Crystals help to cope with the hair section, drug levels the surface of each hair.
To use the "Liquid Crystals"Italian brand, it is best to carry out the procedure after taking a bath or shower. According to the recommendations of the experts, the drug in the form of a spray should be applied at a slightly damp curls. But crystals can be used for dry hair, as long as they were clean. Ideally, the tool should be applied on the hair is combed.

Buy "liquid crystal" can be on the internet or buy cosmetics Constant Delight in a professional salon.

To apply you need to splash on crystalshand only 2-3 drops of the product. Constant Delight means necessary to lightly grind to warm the oil. First you need to distribute the "liquid crystals" on the ends, and then go through the entire length of hair. Thanks to the dispenser from the bottle to take the right amount of money easier than ever.

The results of the application of "liquid crystals» Constant Delight

Innovative "liquid crystals» Constant Delightare not a means of rescue, so use them to get visible results, you need to regularly. The main thing - do not overdo it with the means of the substrate, due to the oil content in the composition can be a sensation of slovenliness, hair greasiness.
"Liquid crystals" are well suited for the treatment ofpainted, exposed chemical perms or hair extensions. The valuable substances contained in the complex, filled with the power of curls, making them elastic, shiny and manageable.
Apply "liquid crystals" as possible todeal with the problem of combing thin, long or curly hair. The tool is well smoothes makes silky hair. After the distribution of constant delight crystals can do any packing, the drug does not weigh down the curls and gives them shine, if properly use it.

"Liquid crystals» Constant Delight is very economical in use, a small bottle is enough for at least several months.

After application of a drop of the precious crystalsalmost immediately absorbed, enveloping the hair invisible film. This protective barrier that reduces the negative effects of the environment on the hair.

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