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How to use hair gel

How to use hair gel

A variety of styling tools to create a hairstyle of any complexity both in the salon and at home.

You only need to pick up a product placement and use it wisely. What are the nuances exist in the formation of hairstyles using hair gel?

And who is the means of approach?

Hair Gel - effective and easy toapplication means for stacking. This styling product can vary according to the degree of fixation. There are both transparent gels and color - yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. Use for creating hairstyles can gel with rectifying effect of "wet hair", a moisturizer, a product that gives hair volume.

Secrets of the application of the gel for styling

The basic rule when styling hair gel - notuse too much money, otherwise the hair looks unnatural. They will look like icicles. Properly laid gel the hair, causing the roots to the minimum amount of funds that hair did not seem greasy. Today gels are sold in aerosol format, or just jelly liquid funds. Skillfully using it, you can achieve amazing results without assistance, creating a male or female hairstyle.

The fixing properties of the gel are achieved thanks to the inclusion of the complex polymers which envelop the hair.

Fixing gels are ideal for dryhair, they additionally moisturize curls and give them a shine. Also, these styling products used for styling unruly hair to deal with the problem of static electricity. Gels to protect hair from the sun's rays, the products are often enriched with vitamins and other beneficial substances.
If you want to smooth her hair, a small amount of gel is applied to the areas that you wish to emphasize. The same method is used to isolate individual pryadok, such as bangs.

The use of hair gel

Liquid gel is used to produce the effectwet hair or drying tresses diffuser. To do this, rub the gel in your hands a little and apply a means to damp strands, dry hair needs only a little, simulating hair as desired. This hairstyle is perfect to owners of short or medium length hair.
Make the hair volume with a gel ifput a few drops on damp or dry strands, and then dry them with brushing. Thus it is necessary to tighten up the curls at the roots. If necessary, you can find a video, how to do bulk haircut with geelm styling.

Using gel for styling curls can be done using conventional thermal or curlers. The tool is applied to the strands before they are wound on spiral or other curlers.

Easy to use and a spray gel,simulate the hair you can use it with your fingers or a comb. To do this, the gel is sprayed from a distance of 20-30 cm on dry hair, brush tool is well distributed on the hair and shaped packing.

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