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USE friendship of children and pets

The benefits of friendship of children and pets

The role of pets in children's lives is very high.

They are real friends for the baby: relieve loneliness, help children survive and resentment by its very existence bring joy and positive.



If the parents succumbed to the persuasion of the child,decided to buy an animal, in front of them there is a question of choice. Which animal will approach their kids how to choose from this diversity. Psychologists advise on this issue focus on the child's temperament and personality. Phlegmatic and more than introverts like small animals. They fit hamsters, guinea pigs or cats. More active and playful children will be happy dog ​​or bird. For nervous, restless children a good sedative will Aquarium.


Made friends with the kid, the animal beginsfeel his condition, his mood shift, trying to support in difficult times. Often pets even adopt the habits of the child. With four-legged friend is much more fun, because without him there will be no deal, no child activity. It does not matter, the game is either a dream - a true friend will always be there with the baby.


Scientists have shown that the animals in the building - asources of happiness. They have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the house, as well as those who live in this house. People rarely get sick, their immune system is higher than the other, and the children are calmer and resistant to stress. Psychologists believe that children, next to which there are animals grow faster peers. They are sociable and easy to agree with their peers, they have a more developed leadership inclinations. In addition, the animal care helps to develop in children kindness and attentiveness to the needs of others, teaches love and compassion.


Usually children more like kittens and puppies, becausethey are more playful and mobile. Together, they can spend hours messing around and playing. These games help children develop motor skills, tactile, toddler actively learns, grows stronger and more agile. Older children are beginning to appreciate the adult animals, as they can be, and walk, and talk, and any deal with their disputes quickly.


Often parents are worried about allergiesanimal dander. But pediatricians say that children in contact with pets, the risk of allergies is significantly reduced. Moreover, these children are less likely to suffer from diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

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