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The Benefits of Friendship of Children and Pets</a>

The role of pets in the life of children is very great.

They are real friends for the kid: relieve of loneliness, help to survive childish grievances and by one's own existence bring joy and positive.



If the parents, yielding to the persuasion of the baby,Decided to acquire an animal, then they face the question of choice. What kind of animal will suit their baby, how to choose from the current variety. Psychologists advise in this issue to focus on the temperament and personality of the child. Phlegmaticians and introverts prefer small animals more. They will fit hamsters, guinea pigs or cats. More active and playful children will be happy with the dog or bird. And for the nervous, restless children a good soothing means will be an aquarium.


Becoming friends with the baby, the animal beginsFeel his condition, his mood change, trying to support in a difficult moment. Often pets even take over the child's habits. With a four-legged friend, it's much more fun, because without his participation, no child's occupation will be enough. It does not matter whether it's a game or a dream - a true friend will always be next to the baby.


Scientists have long proven that animals in the house areSources of happiness. They have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the house, as well as on those who live in this house. People are less likely to get sick, their immunity is higher than that of others, and children are more calm and resistant to stress. Psychologists are sure that children, next to whom there are animals, develop faster than peers. They are more communicative and easily converge with peers, they have more developed leadership inclinations. In addition, caring for animals helps to develop in children kindness and attention to the needs of others, teaches to love and compassion.


Usually children like kittens and puppies more, after allThey are more playful and mobile. Together they can spend hours playing and playing. Such games help children develop motor skills, tactile perception, the kid actively learns the world, grows stronger and dexterous. Children of older age begin to appreciate adult animals, because they can both walk and talk, and any business with them is arguing faster.


Often parents are worried about allergies toAnimal hair. But pediatricians claim that children who come into contact with pets have a significantly reduced risk of allergies. Moreover, these children suffer less from diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

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