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How to use false eyelashes


How to use false eyelashes</a>

False eyelashes help make the look more sensual and expressive, especially when your own by nature are short and sparse.

Buying a set of false eyelashes, ask for the subtleties of their use.

To carry out this procedure, in addition to theFalse eyelashes, tools will be needed: a thin tweezer, a special glue composition, a wooden stick and curling irons. Apply to the eyes of the eyelashes and check if the size of the eyelashes matches the cut of your eyes - you can shorten the long eyelashes slightly, cutting from the edge.

If the adhesive layer is missing on the eyelashes,Then you need to apply it yourself - gently apply glue to the base of the false eyelashes. Apply the adhesive with a special thin brush. In hands take a tweezers and pick up for a free edge greased with glue eyelashes - attach to an external edge of an eye. At the same time, press the false eyelashes lightly with a wooden stick to the eyelid. The second eye is also treated, keep an eye on the angle of inclination and uniformity of gluing eyelashes - they should be located symmetrically.

Take a simple toothpick and check it neatly.Durability of gluing - move slightly the edge of the false eyelashes. If badly glued areas remain, then treat them again with the same toothpick adhesive. If there is a need, trim the eyelashes, but naturally in both eyes.

Then you need to make up eyelashes - apply mascara withUsing a tablespoon, you will work through all the eyelashes, mixing artificial fibers with real hairs. The same algorithm of action should be performed when gluing overhead beams - a part of the eyelashes that are attached to the outer corners of the eyes to give a look of mystery or emphasize their shape. The last stage of makeup, after which the false eyelashes can not be distinguished from the real ones - the eyeliner. Special compound for podvodki or a thin soft pencil put over the pasted eyelashes a line directly on their base.

To remove eyelashes simply - it is enough to pick upToothpick or tweezers pasted edge, then pull the film. If the glue is strong, then you can use to soften the composition of vegetable oil. False eyelashes should be washed with a soap solution, remove the remnants of glue with tweezers, and clean the villi with a toothpick. Eyelashes should be dried, put in a container, where they will be until the next use.

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