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How to use fake eyelashes

How to use fake eyelashes

False eyelashes help to make the look more sensual and expressive, especially when the nature of their own short and sparse.

By purchasing a set of false eyelashes, ask the intricacies of their use.

For this procedure, in addition to themselvesfalse eyelashes, need tools: fine forceps, special adhesive composition, wooden stick and a curling iron. Apply to the eye lashes and check whether eyelashes size corresponding section of your eyes - you can slightly shorten the long lashes, cutting the edge.

If there is no adhesive layer on the eyelashes themselves,then you need to apply it yourself - gently lubricate the base of eyelashes with glue. The adhesive is applied with a special thin brush. In the hand, take tweezers and hook for the free edge of eyelashes smeared with glue - attach to the outer edge of the eye. Simultaneously press down gently with a wooden stick false eyelashes to the eyelid. The second eye as well treat, watch the angle and uniformity gluing eyelashes - they must be symmetrical.

Take a simple toothpick and carefully checkbonding strength - move the edge of the false eyelashes slightly. If badly glued areas were then further treated them the same glue toothpicks. If there is a need - then align lashes, but of course in both eyes.

Then we need to make up eyelashes - Apply mascara withusing a tablespoon, you work out all the lashes, mixed up with man-made fibers with these hairs. The same sequence of actions should take when gluing the beams overhead - portion of the eyelashes, which are attached to the outer corners of the eyes to give the look of mystery or emphasize their shape. The final stage makeup, false eyelashes after which it is impossible to distinguish from the real thing - eyeliner. Special composition liner or a thin soft pencil put on top of the lash line glued directly on their base.

To remove lashes easy - just picka toothpick or tweezers glued edge, then pull the tape. If the adhesive is strong, it can be used to mitigate the composition of vegetable oil. False eyelashes should wash with soapy water, remove with tweezers adhesive residue, clean the lint toothpick. Eyelashes should be dry, put in a container where they will remain until the next use.

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