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How to use eyebrow pencil?

How to use eyebrow pencil?

Beautifully decorated eyebrows make the face well-groomed.

Give the correct form of arcs, and then touch up the hair, making them bright and shiny.

Universal version for coloring eyebrows - a special pencil.

Handle easy to him, and a broad palette of shades will help you choose the color, perfect for you.

The texture and shades: choose the best eyebrow pencils

The task of a pencil - to simulate naturalhairs. Doing short parallel strokes, you can create the desired width of the brow, extend the arc, or fill in bald spots. To choose the color of eyebrows pencils with moderately hard pencil. After applying the finishing touches, you can grind. It is convenient to do special soft applicator, it is integrated in the core of some pencils.

Eyebrow pencils can be sharpenedor automatic. The first and more stringent approach for owners of oily skin. Soft automatic pencils are suitable for dry skin - the strokes are more soft and easily shaded. In addition, such a pencil is very convenient to use on the road.

Choose the right color of the pencil. Coal-black eyebrows are only bright brunettes. But they should try a softer version - chocolate, coffee or grayish-black. These colors do look more visually soft and youthful face. Blondes are grayish-beige range, and red-haired suit tone ocher. On sale is a matte and slightly shiny options, ideal for parties.

Makeup experts believe that the color of the pencil for the brows should be a tone lighter than the natural color of your eyebrows.

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Nuances Makeup: plucking eyebrows and paint

Before you start staining, givearcs correct shape. Plucking hairs sticking can tweezers with flat tips or electric trimmer with light. Proceed carefully - now in vogue natural eyebrows moderate width.

If you are not confident that you can draw your own eyebrows, refer to the make-up artist. After the professional processing you will only need to pull out the hairs grow back.

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Finished plucking, comb brush eyebrows. Sharpen the pencil and start embellishing. Apply short strokes in the direction of hair growth. Do not paint the entire surface - you can only adjust the eyebrows, filling in uneven growing areas. If the color is too dark, erase the pencil with a cotton swab.

Pencil strokes can be latex feather applicator - this will make the image softer. More colors can be added as needed. Keep eyebrows turned symmetrical.

To eyebrows purchased a beautiful shine on topApply a pencil forming wax or colorless gel. These tools give the eyebrows a nice shape and do not give a pencil smeared. Imposes special hard wax brush, gently rubbing his nose on the tips of the eyebrows.

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