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How to use a voice-frequency cream


How to use a voice-frequency cream</a>

The tonal cream can even out the complexion, hide the small imperfections of the skin and make it well-groomed. A good remedy lies down in a thin layer, does not clog into creases and keeps up all day without problems.

To face, covered in tone, looked perfect, learn how to apply the cream correctly.

You will need

  • - Foundation-
  • - moisturizing cream-
  • - Base makeup-
  • - corrector-
  • - sponges and brushes-
  • - powder.



Choose a foundation depending on the type andCondition of the skin. For oily need matting agent, dry need a cream with a moisturizer, and sensitive only hypoallergenic cosmetics. If your skin only needs to level out the tone and give a groomed look, choose a product with a light coating. A problem person with dilated pores and traces of acne needs a more dense cream.


To find the perfect tonal shadeMeans, test the cream in the store. Put a few options on the bottom of the face. If the cream looks greyish, it is too light for you. Yellow shade gives an excessively dark means. The correct tone should, as it were, merge with the skin. If possible, evaluate the selected cream for both artificial and natural lighting.


Before applying the product, moisturize the skin well. Apply a gel or emulsion on it and allow the moisturizer to absorb. If the skin has an uneven terrain or a dull color, you can use a makeup base with silicones. She will give the person a smoothness, and tonal remedy will lie flat and will not fall into the pores.


Apply cream with fingertips, brush orSponge. The most uneconomical option - applying sponge or sponge. However, it is this method that creates the effect of an ideally smooth face. Drink the cream with a dry or moistened sponge, paying special attention to the areas near the nostrils, nasolabial folds and the area around the eyes.


If you prefer to apply a foundationBrush, use an accessory of artificial nap - it does not absorb the cream, gently distributing it over the skin. After applying the cream, the brushes and sponges should be thoroughly washed and dried.


Do not try to cover with cream every pimple. If the skin has pronounced shortcomings, disguise them as a dense corrector. Apply it point-wise, on top of the foundation. Thoroughly trim the corrector's edges so that the face does not look spotty.


The final gloss will give the skinFriable translucent powder. Type it on a fluffy brush and sweep the face. Do not apply too much powder - the skin should retain its natural radiance.

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