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How to use creams

How to use creams

Tone cream can align the complexion, cover minor skin imperfections and make it well-groomed. Good tool lies a thin layer, is not hammered into the folds and lasts all day without problems.

To face covered with a tone that seemed perfect, learn to correctly apply the cream.

You will need

  • - Foundation-
  • - moisturizing cream-
  • - Base makeup-
  • - korrektor-
  • - Sponges and kisti-
  • - Powder.



Choose a foundation according to the type andskin. For oily need a matting agent, need dry cream moisturizer sensitive and will only fit hypoallergenic cosmetics. If your skin needs only to equalize the tone and giving well-groomed appearance, choose a tool with a light covering. Problematic face with dilated pores and traces of acne need a thicker cream.


To find the perfect shade of tonemeans test cream in the store. Apply a few options on the lower part of the face. If the cream looks grayish, it is too light for you. Yellow tint gives too dark vehicle. The correct tone should like to merge with the skin. If possible, vote selected the cream how artificial and in natural light.


Before applying the tools are well moisturize the skin. Apply it gel or emulsion and allow to soak the humidifier. If your skin has uneven terrain or dull color, can be used under make-up base with silicone. It will give face smooth and foundation lies flatter and will not fall into the pores.


Imposes a cream with your fingertips or a brushsponge. The most uneconomical option - the application of a sponge or a sponge. However, it is a way to create the effect of a perfectly smooth face. Drive the cream dry or moistened sponge, paying special attention to the area around the nostrils, nasolabial folds and the area around the eyes.


If you prefer to apply foundationbrush, use an accessory artificial pile - it does not absorb the cream, gently spreading it over the skin. After applying the cream brushes and sponges should be well washed and dried.


Do not try to cover up every pimple cream. If the skin has pronounced disadvantages, mask their dense proofreader. Apply it punctually, on top of foundation. Thoroughly rub the border equalizer to face did not look blotchy.


It gives the skin a final gloss helpLoose translucent powder. Dial it in a fluffy brush and obmahnite face. Do not apply too much powder - skin must maintain a natural glow.

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