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HOW to use concealer makeup

How to use concealer makeup

Thick foundation can transform the face into a mask.

To avoid this, use liquid foundation tone, and mask the shortcomings of the skin with the help of the corrector.

Correctly chosen tool to easily hide dark circles under the eyes, enlarged pores and other defects.

Selecting the equalizer

On sale you can find offsets in the form of a cream,paste, stick, or emulsion. You can apply built-in means of a sponge, brush or your fingertips. The choice of application depends on the opacity of the corrector, as well as the effect you plan to achieve.
Do not limit yourself to only a tubecorrector. For a perfect disguise you may need different means. Professional makeup artists can use up to 4 different means of texture and thus create the effect of the fresh, not overloaded makeup person.
Choose the right shade of concealer. For pale skin needs the most light colors, from biscuit to pale pink. Over dark face needs a corrector of almond, honey or beige. If the ideal tool could not be found, blend a darker concealer with a light to achieve the desired tone.
Important and texture of the corrector. To refresh your skin under the eyes need light cream with reflective particles. Hide pimples helps dense dryish paste and fit a gentle creamy pencil to mask minor defects such as freckles.

Nuances of disguise

Most often in disguise needs area aroundeye. The correct concealer will help even out skin color, hide the bruises and broken capillaries, swelling and disguise fine lines. To disguise choose not too tight tool with reflective particles.
Wipe skin tonic without alcohol and moisturizecream or gel. On the prepared skin corrector lies smoother and last longer. Dial a little money and are driven movements put it on your skin, moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Gently blend the concealer with your finger or a brush. If you have under the eyes fine lines, not smeared, and drive in a cream - this technique will help disguise bumps on the skin.
Make sure that the concealer is not the spot. Powder eye area transparent friable powder to align the color and texture of the skin. Excess powder whisk brush or powder puff.
To hide spots and pimples suitthick matte concealer slightly lighter than your skin. Apply it over the tonal framework is very gentle patting movements. Do not rub tool so you only make the problem worse. In order not to overdo it, carefully evaluate the results in the mirror. Work in good light, for convenience, you can use a magnifying mirror.
If you want to mask the largerlack - such as lentigo - Apply a concealer layers. It can be mixed with a small amount of foundation and apply a latex sponge gently, patting movements. After the masking powder the skin.

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