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How to use the wardrobes in the interior

How to use the wardrobes in the interior

A couple of decades ago there was a novelty on the market - closets. Today, they are almost forced out of the usual bulky furniture items.

Due to its design, such cabinets can be installed in any location, using practical purposes every niche or corner of the room.

Sliding doors can also serve as an excellent decoration of the interior, if you install a door with stained glass or mirror. Also, the door can be decorated with ornaments, pattern or coating.


With-in closets can be arrangedquite uncomfortable space harmoniously. Since the sliding doors do not open outwards, and move inside the structure, they do not take up additional space. This feature allows you to use all the furniture floor space as efficiently as possible. Sliding doors are fitted and a body.

Built-in wardrobes are comfortable in that instead ofside walls, a top cover and a cap can be used walls, ceiling and floor of the room, respectively. These cabinets are ergonomic and perfectly fit into any interior. Their only drawback is that they can not be moved to another location.

Hull closets have side and backwalls, top cover and base. These modules can be purchased already existing company or the manufacturer to make them to order. Ordered cabinets and fits perfectly into the space of the room, but if necessary they can be set in a different place.


Since there are only referring to the doorwardrobes, the maximum attention to their appearance. Doors may be made of a homogeneous material, or may be assembled from several different in color and shape of parts. Depending on the room in which the furniture is set is selected and the design of doors.

Doors made of natural wood, perfectly fit into any interior, whether it be living room, bedroom or hallway.

Glass constructions installed in the living room, underlined by a subtle taste of the owners and filling the room with extra space.

Sliding doors with stained glass will look spectacularin any room, decorated in the baroque or art deco. Mirror, metal or plastic to decorate a room in a modern minimalist interior.

Sliding doors can be disguised as a wall ifpaste over the door the same wallpaper or paint in the same color. In this case, your room will look as large and bright as visually it will not be cluttered with furniture.

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