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USE banana skin

Use banana skin

Bananas contain a variety of nutrients required for the skin.

They contain large amounts of vitamins C and B6, which play an important role in maintaining the integrity and elasticity of the skin.



Antioxidants and manganese contained in bananas, protect the body from damage that cause free radicals, thereby preventing premature aging of the skin.


Banana moisturizes the skin and protects it from drying and flaking due to its high water content.


Vitamin A restores the lost moisture andIt promotes the renewal of damaged and dry skin. To moisten dry and dull skin, make puree of banana and apply on face. Avoid contact with eyes. Leave on the skin for 20-25 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You will feel that the skin became more soft and supple. If you have very dry and flaky skin, add the honey mask. The mask of banana and honey also eliminates the pigmentation of the skin.


Another simple mask, which will help to makeskin hydrated: mashed banana mixed with 1 tbsp yogurt and 1 tsp vitamin E oil. Apply a generous layer of mask on clean face and rinse after 30 minutes.

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