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How to use sealing foam

How to use sealing foam

Polyurethane foam has innumerable applications in the repair.

It is used for installation of doors and windows, insulation and sealing cracks, leveling walls and large defects zarolneniya communication holes.



If you have a lot of foam defined. One Balon at an ambient temperature of +20 degrees will give you about 50 liters of foam. The lower the temperature, the less the output at 0 degrees exit may be about 5 liters, with foam is very fine pores and very poorly derzhaschёy form.
There are special types of foam for negativetemperatures in the balloon is usually large states. Despite the fact that work is possible, it is necessary that he was not Balon cooler 10 at -10 degrees them. The preferred warm Balon in a bucket of warm water, in any case do not open flames and heaters.
Note that the foam is gaining the full amount at once, and within 1-3 minutes after application.


Balloons are of two kinds, household and professional use.
Household Balon comes complete with a speciala nozzle similar to a gun trigger. Such Balon is ready for use, however, has significant drawbacks - it is necessary to hold in your hand donnyshkom up, which is extremely inconvenient, and dispense foam supply extremely difficult. Consumption of foam with the balloon is usually one-third more than expected because of careless distribution of foam for cavities.


Professional can only be used Balonwith a pistol foam. Nothing complicated in this device is not present, the cylinder is screwed into the thread of the gun, the feed rate is exposed to the back of the regulator (spinning - reduce the supply, unscrew - increase). Before applying empirically determine the desired feed rate, for example, spending on the foam roller from the newspaper.
In addition to convenience, the use of professional bag results guarantees the stability of the filling and the absence of unnecessary sagging.


foam cleaner you definitely need! Even experienced installer often dirty foam, but if you do it the first time, it just filthy.
Foam Cleaner is sold in departmentBalloon suitable for gun and having a special insert spray. While the foam does not start to harden, it can be easy to wash off cleaner, it is useless against hardened foam.
Mounting the gun after completing the necessary rinse cleaner so that it flowed out of the 50-10 gram.
If the cleaner is not enough, or you forget about it, you can use acetone, but the effect is worse oschutimoo instead.


For ten minutes after applying the foamit is desirable to sprinkle water spray. This will increase the rate of hardening and slightly insure an accidental touch. Foam Curing time varies greatly depending on temperature, humidity, etc., from two to eight hours.
After curing, the foam excess can be easily removed with a knife. The foam should definitely close from the sun, the bright summer sun, it can begin to crumble within a week.

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