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How to use the adapter

How to use the adapter

Adapter - ambiguous words, which refer to a lot of accessories to the technical devices.

How to use the adapter depends upon the purpose for which it is intended.



Network adapter - power supply, structurallycombined with a mains plug. The output voltage of the device must correspond to that on which the load is calculated, and the maximum output current - no less consumed by the load. Also pay attention to the type of connector and the polarity of the voltage at its terminals. For cylindrical plug polarity is often indicated on the adapter and on the load - they must match. Do not operate heavy power supplies directly loose outlet, use an extension cord.


To insert a memory card in a formatdevice designed for a different size card, an adapter is used, consisting of two connectors connected by wires. Nothing in it is not electronic. Today, the most common adapters to install Micro SD card in the device, designed for full-size SD-card. Insert the card into the adapter and then the adapter along with it - in the device and it will work as well as with full SD-card.


Adapters for connecting different types ofconnectors also called adapters. This accessory is useful, for example, to connect a VGA-monitor to the video card to output DVI, if derived analog signals to it. Also, using the appropriate adapter, you can connect headphones with a 3.5 mm plug to the device with a 6.3 mm jack, or vice versa. Correctly choose this adapter: for connecting to a stereo output as stereo headphones it should be a three, and to connect a monaural microphone for monaural input, it can be a two- or a three.


Adapters allow plugs network includeplugs with thick pins in sockets with small diameter holes. Keep in mind that many of them are starting to overheat at a current of up to 4 A. Do not use them in conjunction with powerful devices, especially in the long term. Also remember that when you use this device adapter is ungrounded.


Adapter also called an expansion card,installed into the motherboard slot. Today, almost all the peripherals integrated in the motherboard or is in the form of external devices connected via USB. Exceptions are graphics cards, and it is only the powerful. If a significant performance graphics processor you do not need, use the adapter that is built into the motherboard. And if without a separate video card can not do, do not forget to periodically conduct its prevention: to lubricate the fan, clean the heat sink thermal grease change.


Another type of devices called adapters -pickups. They are divided into guitar and intended for use in players for vinyl LPs. In both cases, select the correct input of the amplifier to connect the adapter. It must have an input impedance close to the output impedance of the amplifier to be calculated and the amplitude is close to the adapter developed. Sometimes it takes and coordination of the amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFC). If the appropriate input of the amplifier is not, then the amplitude of the signal is required either to reduce the external attenuator (if redundant input sensitivity), or to increase by an external preamplifier (if the input sensitivity is not enough).

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