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How to upload the game from PC to phone

Connecting the phone

Mobile phones have long been not a luxury, and their ability to expand from model to model.

His features, some models are simply amazing.

Now play the newest toy can be anywhere, because there is it? Mobile? version.

The initial finding of the game is not so important, it can be on your computer's hard drive, USB-flesh medium, CD or DVD drive.

In any case, the procedure will have to be carried out with the help of the computer, because the phone does not support the data carriers.

You will need

  • - A computer (laptop)
  • - Data cable
  • - Card reader
  • - Bluetooth adapter
  • - IR adapter



If you complete your phone has a data cableor mini-USB cable, then connect it to your computer. Additionally, you may need software (PS Suite) for your computer to your phone, which can be packaged with the phone or freely distributed over the Internet on the website phone manufacturer. By running the program, log into? Installing Applications ?, you a choice of applications (games) will be offered, which you want to install. Select a game on your computer and follow the instructions of the program.

Data cable


But it often happens that the data cable includedno phone, and to get it is not something that is problematic for some phone models in the retail trade, and simply unrealistic. Then you can help a wireless connection: the infrared port and bluetooth. One of these means of communication must be on your phone. Buy the IR adapter or a bluetooth adapter can be in any telephone kiosk. All subsequent procedures are similar to a data cable.

Bluetooth Adapter


But what if you need to install the applicationon the phone immediately, and none of these at hand is not present? Look at the system unit of the computer, look around a laptop. See thin horizontal slits with inscriptions on them (SD, MMC, MS)? This memory card slots. Take the phone's memory card and connect to the computer. In the? My Computer? Devices with removable media? a new device? ?Removable drive?. This is your memory card. Copy the game file from your computer to the memory card, and then returning it to the phone, install the game via the internal telephone interface. Now your favorite games will be able to get into the phone and delight you with its diversity.

Card reader

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