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How to upload photos in instagrama


How to upload photos in instagrama</a>

Fashion to spread photos on various sites,Forums led to the creation of a special program that allows you to quickly upload photos and share them. "Instagram" allows you to join millions, as it can be used on any smartphone, computer or laptop.

You will need

  • - smartphone-
  • - a personal computer, tablet or laptop-
  • - Program "Instagram", suitable for a specific mobile device.



Download the program either through iTunes, orUsing appStore or Google Play. One option is the Dropbox program, which is suitable for both PCs and smartphones. In the menu, find the installed program (downloaded application) and start it.


At the bottom of the screen, find Sign up and register. Enter your email address, name and password. Add a profile photo. It's easy to do both with the help of the "Gallery" smartphone, and downloading the desired file on a PC or laptop. If you use the phone, tie the account to your phone number.


Reset all your favorite photo files to the appropriateA computer folder, a laptop or a phone. Import contacts of users who would like to add to friends. Instagram is more like Twitter, than, for example, on "VKontakte". That is, you need to "follow" people - if someone liked the photo, click Follow, and when someone added to friends - press Done.


The Feed tab displays the people whoAdded to friends. If you want to update the page, there will be a button at the top right, which you need to click. Laika in Instagram are very welcome and a button in order to put someone like that can not be overlooked.


Instagram has a Share tab. Use this button to publish a photo. Click it in the photo format and make a new one. To send a photo, which is already in the device, click the button in the form of several photos at once and select the one you want to publish.


Instagram provides various kinds ofFilters, apply what you like, photos will immediately acquire other qualities. The "Popular" tab contains the most popular and interesting on the site. See all the best photos by accessing this tab.


Sign the photo. To do this, there are buttons What and Where. The first is a description of the photo, the second is the place where it was made. Click "Finish" to save the changes.

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