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How to download Freon


How to download Freon</a>

Almost all owners of air conditioners and refrigerators sooner or later face the need to replenish stocks of freon.

The leakage of this refrigerant occurs due to a violation of the integrity of the circuit in which it circulates.



The natural annual loss rate of Freon inAir conditioning - no more than 7%. To maintain the air conditioning & nbsp-in working order, it must be refilled every 1.5-2 years. Otherwise, a lack of freon can lead to overheating of the compressor. Characteristic signs of this - on the choke joints formed hoarfrost or ice.


To establish the exact location of the leakUse a special device - a leak detector. If a leak is detected, the color of the instrument display changes from green to red and the acoustic signal is triggered. For the refueling of air conditioners, mainly R-134a freon is used. First of all you should remove air and water from the system. To do this, you need to use a vacuum pump. However, if Freon is left in the system to do vaccination is not necessary.


Then & nbsp-you should measure the required portionFreon. This operation is realized in two ways: a balloon with freon can be weighed on an electronic balance, or placed in a volumetric flask. According to experts, the second method is more practical and convenient. The required amount of gas is measured on a scale in grams.


Open the tap, and freon starts to flow inSystem. The process of gas entering the system ceases as soon as the pressure in both tanks is leveled. & Nbsp-But this amount is not enough. To pump the missing portion into the system, you should heat the remaining gas in the flask using a special heating element, after which the heated gas under pressure will fill the system.


You can make refueling in one more way -When the compressor is switched on via the return port. In this case, the compressor itself will suck in freon. On some models of air-conditioners there is a viewing eye & nbsp-for the control of process of refueling. If there is such a need, then together with freon through a special injector you can fill the system with oil or ultraviolet dye.

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