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How to update an old tile


How to update an old tile</a>

The tile is durable and durable.

Therefore, in some apartments tiles are even older than tenants. The only thing, in the opinion of many, the decision to knock down the tile in this situation is an erroneous error.

How to do otherwise, below are some solutions.



Solution 1: Self-adhesive foil
Retro-chic wall tiles can be given withoutGreat dust, debris and dirt. One of the possibilities to update the top layer of tile - glued with a special foil. The big advantage is that it can easily be done even in a rented apartment.


Solution 2: Painting tiles
The next method of refreshing tiles is coatingSpecial paint. Latex, epoxy or oil paints are suitable for this. Before applying the paint, it is necessary to degrease the surface and remove the thin layer of tile, passing the grinding machine. Dust, of course, will be a lot, so the surface after treatment will need to be washed. Then primed with epoxy primer. Repeat the procedure with the tile processing and then apply the paint. Experts advise to paint the tiles only on those walls that do not have permanent contact with water.


Solution 3: Dressing with photo-wallpaper
You can make a skilful "dressing" of tileWalls with their own hands. One of these options - to paste photo-wallpaper on a thin wooden board (plywood), protecting them from above with plexiglas. However, this design can not be placed behind the stove, as it is easily ignited.


Solution 4: Glass and metal panels
Ugly tiles can easily be masked with panelsOf safety glass. At the same time, it is possible to make even grooves for plug sockets. The advantage of glass in comparison with tiles is an absolutely smooth surface, which is easy to care for. As an alternative - panels made of high-quality steel, which are perfect for a wall in the kitchen. Fasten such panels usually between the table top and hanging lockers.


Solution 5: Painting of tiles
Even if you can not create a refinedPainting in the form of animals, birds or flowers, then create a geometric pattern on the walls of anyone. In addition, geometric patterns are now in the trend. For this purpose, use paints for glass or ceramics. Pre-preparation, except degreasing the wall, is not required here.

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