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How to update the old tile

How to update the old tile

Tile strong and durable.

Therefore, in some apartments tile even older tenants. The only thing, according to many, the decision in this situation to bring down the tiles - the mistaken delusion.

How to do otherwise, several solutions are given below.



Solution 1: Self-adhesive foils
Retro-chic wall tiles can be given withoutlarge dust, dirt and debris. One way to update the top layer of tiles - special foil seal. The big advantage is that it can be done easily even in a rented apartment.


Solution 2: Painting Tile
The next method to refresh the tiles - a coverspecial paint. For this fit latex, epoxy, or oil paint. Before you apply the paint, it is necessary to degrease the surface and remove the thin layer of tiles plays the sander. Dust, of course, will be a lot, so the surface after the treatment will need to be washed. Next primed with epoxy resin. The procedure was repeated with the processing of the tile and then applied the paint. Experts advise to carry out painting the tiles only on the walls, which do not have permanent contact with water.


Solution 3: Wearing a photo-wallpaper
You can make a skillful "dressing up" tiledthe walls with his own hands. One such option - paste photo wallpaper on a thin wooden board (plywood), protecting them from the top plexiglass. However, this construction can not be placed behind the plate, as it is highly flammable.


Solution 4: Glass and metal panels
Ugly tile is easy to mask panelsof safety glass. This can be done even recesses for sockets. Glass advantage over tiles - absolutely smooth surface, easily maintained. As an alternative - a stainless steel panels, which are perfect for walls in the kitchen. Krepjat such panels usually between worktop and hanging lockers.


Solution 5: Tile Mural
Even if you can not create a refinedpainted in the form of animals, birds or flowers, then create on the walls geometric pattern by any forces. In addition, geometric designs are now in the trend. For this purpose, use the paints for glass or ceramics. Pretreatment besides degreasing wall is not required here.

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