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How to update the wooden furniture

How to update the wooden furniture

If old furniture is still in good condition, but on the surface eventually formed some cosmetic damage, do not rush to change it to a new one.

Use multiple methods of renovation.



If unpolished wooden furniture faded,wipe with a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Then wipe dry and prepare the putty. To do this, you can cut a small piece of wax is smaller and fold in tin jar. And also for the preparation of mastic suitable quality cream yellow or brown shoes. Completely fill the wax with turpentine. Then type in a pan a little water, put on fire and put it in the bank.


Heated in a very low heat untiluntil the wax has melted, then stir well it. The homogeneous mass of wax, apply a thin layer on the surface of the furniture. Let stand for two days, and then rub with the help sukonki.


Dispose of minor scratches on the polishedFurniture follows. Mix 50 grams of vegetable oil and the same quantity of vinegar. In the same proportions, an alcohol and linseed oil. Dip the cooked mixture in a soft cloth, wipe the surface of furniture, and let dry. Then moisten a dry flannel cloth to polish and rub the surface of the furniture to shine.


If you want to disguise dentsunpolished surfaces, pour a small amount of turpentine, attach the top to wet the gauze, folded in three layers. On cheesecloth, place a thin metal sheet and press it with a hot iron. Wood fibers begin to swell, & nbsp-dent disappears. & Nbsp-


Remove blisters and bubbles formed bytime of plywood bundle. To do this, apply to the surface of furniture several layers of paper and draw on top of a hot iron. Clay, which has been preserved by swelling, melted and attract lagging layers of plywood. In that case, if the adhesive is not left, make an incision along the wood fibers and drip into it a drop of glue, then close the paper and smooth a hot iron. & Nbsp-

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