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How to update the sound driver


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Sound Driver? This is the program that is responsible for the presence of sound in the computer and the sound quality.

Like any other program, the audio driver sometimes needs to be updated.



Update the sound card driver only inIf the computer suddenly and unrecoverably lost sound, and you are sure that the reason is not that you have lowered the volume, and forgot to turn it back on. Therefore, before you perform the driver update procedure, you should check the sound.


If you are still convinced that you need to update the driver, you can go the following way:

Open the "Start" menu, go to?Control Panel? And select the "Sounds and Audio Devices" section. In the tab? Audio? Remember the name of the default device and click the Hardware tab. Here, in the list of devices you need to find what you need? The very thing you remembered earlier. Click on it and from the bottom click the? Properties? Button. And click the "Driver" tab. Now click on the? Delete? Button. The old driver will be deleted.


The next step is to visit the siteThe manufacturer of your audio device, i.e. Sound card and download the latest version of the sound driver. If you have a laptop, you should download the driver using the name of your model for searching. Do not forget that the driver should be selected directly for your operating system.


Now go back to that dialog box, whereYou have successfully uninstalled the driver. Now you need to click on the? Update ?, and follow the prompts of the Hardware Update Wizard to select the driver you downloaded to install. After the successful completion of all steps, the sound in the computer should appear.

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