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How to update the sound driver

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Sound Driver? is a program that is responsible for the presence of sound in a computer and sound quality.

Like any other program, the sound is sometimes necessary to update the driver.



Update sound card driver should onlyif your computer suddenly and irrevocably lost the sound, and you are sure that the reason is not that you have turned down the volume, and forgot to turn it back. So, before you make a driver update procedure, check the sound.


If you still believe that it is necessary to update the driver, you can go the following way:

Open the menu? Start ?, go to?Control Panel? and select? Sounds and Audio Devices ?. In the tab? Audio? remember the name of the default device and click on the tab? equipment ?. Here, in the list of devices you need to find any? the one that you remember earlier. Click on it and press the bottom? Properties? and click on the tab? Driver ?. Now click on the button? Remove ?. Old driver will be removed.


The next step you need to go to the sitethe manufacturer of your audio device, ie, sound card and download the latest version of the sound driver. If you have a laptop, you should download the driver using to search for your model name. Do not forget that the driver should be selected specifically for your operating system.


Now return to the dialog box whereYou have successfully removed the driver. Now you need to click here on the button? Update ?, and follow the prompts to the Hardware Update Wizard, choose to install the driver you downloaded. After successful completion of all the steps, the sound on your computer should appear.

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