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How to update the old clothes

How to update the old clothes

An old favorite dress out of fashion and a little shabby, could get a new life and delight you with a few more years.

We just need a little refresh it using modern detergents and their imagination.



Wash clothes with detergent, regenerating tissue color. For washing yellowed and ashen things sparing use bleach.


Remove the pellets from the clothes. Use the special during washing detergents. After the process the machine to remove the pellets. Especially carefully smooth out the place where the sleeve rubs against the fabric shelves, armpits. Be careful not to damage the material cutting machine elements.


Fight back all the old worn buttons. Sew new suitable in style and size. Also received with buckles and other decorative items made of plastic. This rule applies to the frills of old lace. Repulse them, sew new thing or leave without this element of decor.


Sew on the worn areas of the front and shelvesneck sequins zone, sequins and glass beads. To hide the small holes, proedennyh eaten, use ribbon or leather pieces. Do not overdo it with the decoration of clothes.


Replace a worn belt. Purchase a new stylish belt made of leather or a substitute. If an item requires a belt made of fabric, sew it yourself from the material, contrasting in color to the basic tone of things.


Cut the hose if the field on his elbows heavilywiped out. Treat the cuff, sew the sleeves of the new material. If the style of things allows, quite repulsed sleeve, gently bend the fabric on the shoulder neckline.


Shorten the dress or skirt. This will hide the creases formed on the edge of the product, and will refresh its look. Otutyuzhte hem, turn in, hem a hidden seam.


Replace with new pockets, a cut oftissue, similar in structure and quality in the dress material, and suitable color to an old article of clothing. Use the same fabric as for the replacement of belts, cuffs.

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