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How to update old clothes


How to update old clothes</a>

An old favorite dress, out of fashion and a little shabby, can get a new life and delight you for a few more years.

You just need to refresh it a bit with modern detergents and your imagination.



Wash clothes with detergents, restoring the color of the fabric. To wash yellowed and gray things, use a gentle bleach.


Remove the spools from clothing. Use for this purpose special detergents during washing. After processing, remove the spool. Especially carefully clean the places where the sleeve rubs against the fabric of the shelves, armpits. Try not to damage the material with cutting elements of the machine.


Repeat all the old shabby buttons. Sew new, suitable in style and size. Also enter with buckles and other decorative elements made of plastic. This rule applies to ruffles from old lace. Repeat them, sew new ones or leave a thing without this decor element.


Sew on the worn areas of the front shelf andCollar zone of sequin, sequins or bugles. To hide small holes, eaten moth, use ribbons or pieces of skin. Do not overdo with dressing clothes.


Replace the worn belt. Get a new stylish belt from the skin or substitute. If a thing requires a belt of fabric, sew it yourself out of a material that is color contrasting to the basic shade of the thing.


Trim the sleeves if the areas on the elbows are strongAre wiped out. Handle the edge of the sleeve, sew a cuff from the new material. If the style of the thing allows, unhook the sleeve completely, gently fold the fabric on the shoulder cut.


Shorten the dress or skirt. This will hide the creases formed along the edge of the product and refresh its appearance. Ottuzhte hem, bend, sew a secret seam.


Replace the patch pockets with new ones cut out ofFabric, similar in structure and quality to the dress material, and suitable in color to the old wardrobe object. Use the same fabric as for belt replacement, cuffs.

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