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How to update the iOS on the iPad


With the release of new versions of iOS for the iPad, many users the question arises, how to update the software with maximum safety.

Since the new software does not always behave friendly to the user, it is important to be able to "roll back" his back.

Before installing a new version of iOS is necessarycreate a backup copy of an existing operating system in iTunes. If the tablet dzheylbrekom, you should worry about saving certificates SHSH blobs. In such a case will be able to return to the old operating system with no loss. As new jailbreak come out with some delay, it is likely that all this time the tablet will be just lying dead weight.
It is necessary not to forget to charge the tablet before upgrading.
Since the process of installing the new operating system can be time consuming. This can lead to the fact that the tablet is discharged and the entire process will be repeated from the beginning.
iTunes, you should upgrade to the latest version, or the installation process may be disrupted due to any error.
If your tablet is officially registered inthe iTunes, then when a new version of the operating system, the user will automatically be prompted to install it. This can be done on Wi-Fi, without having to connect the tablet to the computer. To update manually, you need to go through the menu: "Settings» - & gt- «Main» - & gt- «Update». Next, you need to click on the button to update the proposal.
This will launch the process of upgrading the operating system, and after a while you will be able to evaluate all the pros and cons of the new iOS.

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