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How to update the bios cards

How to update the bios cards

Updating the BIOS graphics card unless absolutely necessary, is not fulfilled. Such measures usually resort after an unsuccessful experiment on it or after a spontaneous reset flash memory.

The problem boils down to restore video recording in its new BIOS firmware.



To restore the cards with spontaneouslyerased's BIOS, so the card corrupted firmware failure, you will need a second graphics card. Moreover, if the PCI card is corrupted, you will need an AGP card, and vice versa.
Remove an unused card from the slot and insertworkable. Enter BIOS Setup and change the order of initialization of graphics cards, the first must be initialized tire set working card. If you want to restore the Windows loading, then start up the system and install the drivers for the second card.


Open the manufacturer's website, go toDrivers / Unified BIOS and download the appropriate file. For motherboards G450, G200 and G400 with the new version of BIOS, you must unpack the downloaded file to launch UBIOSWIN and follow the instructions. If you use the card Mystique 220, Productiva G100, Millennium, Millennium, or Mystique 2, after unpacking the file with the firmware, you will need to restart your computer in DOS mode, for example, by using Windows 9x or a bootable floppy disk. Do not run DOS under Windows. press «F8» and select «Safe Mode Command Prompt Only» After starting the system. Boot into DOS, go to the folder with the firmware, run UPDBIOS file and follow the instructions.

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