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How to update bios video cards


How to update bios video cards</a>

Updating the BIOS of the video card without emergency is not performed. Such measures are usually resorted to after an unsuccessful experiment on it or after the spontaneous reset of flash memory.

The task of restoring a video card is to write a new firmware in its BIOS.



To restore video cards with spontaneousErased BIOS, as well as maps corrupted by unsuccessful firmware, will need a second graphics card. If the PCI card is corrupted, you will need an AGP card, and vice versa.
Remove the non-working card from the slot and insertWorkable. Enter the BIOS Setup and change the order of the initialization of the video cards, the bus with the installed working card must be initialized first. If Windows needs to be booted for recovery, then start the system and install the drivers for the second card.


Open the manufacturer's website, go to the sectionDrivers / Unified BIOS and download the corresponding file. For G450, G200 and G400 boards with new BIOS versions, the downloaded file must be unpacked, run UBIOSWIN and follow the instructions. If you use Mystique 220, Productiva G100, Millennium, Millennium 2 or Mystique, then after unpacking the firmware file, you will need to restart the computer in DOS mode, for example, using a Windows 9x disk or a boot floppy. Do not run DOS from under Windows. After starting the system, press "F8" and select "Safe Mode Command Prompt Only". After booting into DOS, go to the firmware folder, run the UPDBIOS file, and follow the instructions.

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