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How to update java

How to update java

Java technology is used to developdifferent applications to improve the Internet. When using these tools, you can upload photos, play games, chat online, use banking services, distance learning, and many others.

If you have not installed Java, some websites and applications simply will not work.

Just Java and is responsible for the safety of the work to improve the protection of your system, you must promptly update the software package database.

Java is the foundation for a variety of network typesapplication standard for the development and distribution of a variety of mobile applications, enterprise software, web content, and others. Java applications are compiled into byte code and run on any virtual Java-machine (JVM) and do not depend on computer architecture.

Java updates

Java technology provides securitycomputing environment, at a time when you are working or playing on the computer. Since older versions of the application does not include the latest security patches, there is a need for timely updating Java.
The easiest method - start the upgrade, you can do so through the official website of java. Visit the main page, click on the big red button "Download Java for free."
On the next tab, you need to selectinstallation option. Choose an interactive way for quick installation. If the installation will be carried out on a computer with no connection to the Internet, use the standalone download. Consider installing, click on the active link. At the same time, you automatically agree to the license for end users.
Thus, by setting the online version,window opens in front of you, click on the "Start" button. In the next window, click Install (Install) to start the installation process. Since the company Oracle is working with various software companies, you may be offered to partners products. Select the program you are interested in and click Next (Next). At the end of the installation program should press Close (close). Now you need to restart your browser.

Automatic update Java

If your computer is running Java, ratherall application updates are performed automatically and independently do not need. You can check the configuration of the automation process. For this purpose, through the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel". Here, double-click open the Java application. You go to the Update tab and check the presence of a tick next to the inscription Check for Updates Automatically. If a mark is present, then the automatic updates are connected.

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