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How to update java


Java technology is used to developVarious applications to improve the work on the Internet. When using these utilities, you can upload photos, play games, communicate online, use banking services, distance learning and many others.

If you do not have Java installed, some websites and applications simply will not work.

Java is also responsible for the security of work, in order to increase the protection of your system, you need to update the software package database in a timely manner.

Java is the basis for many types of networkApplications, the standard for the development and distribution of various mobile applications, enterprise software, web content, etc. Java applications are compiled into bytecode and run on any virtual Java machine (JVM) and are independent of the computer architecture.

Java Updates

Java technology provides security in theA computing environment at a time when you are working or playing at a computer. Since older versions of applications do not include the latest security updates, there is a need for a timely update of Java.
The easiest method is to run updates, this can be done through the official java site. Go to the main page, click on the big red button "Download Java for free".
On the tab that opens, you need to selectInstallation option. Choose an interactive method for quick installation. If the installation will be performed on a computer without Internet connection, use offline download. After selecting the installation option, click on the active link. In this case, you automatically agree with the license for end users.
So, by selecting the installation of the interactive version,Before you open the window, click on the "Start" button. In the next window of the program, click Install to start the installation process. Since the company Oracle cooperates with different companies-developers, you can be offered products of partners. Mark the programs you are interested in and click Next. When the installation is complete, click Close. Now you need to restart your browser.

Automatic Java Updates

If you have Java installed on your computer,In general, application updates are performed automatically and you do not need to do this yourself. You can check the automation configuration of this process. To do this, go to the "Control Panel" through the "Start" menu. Here, double-click open Java applications. Go to the Update tab and check the checkbox next to the check for Updates Automatically. If the checkbox is present, then automatic updates are connected.

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