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How to update the GPS-navigator

Car navigator - a very convenient device.

It allows to navigate in any unfamiliar city.

The only disadvantage, which delivers a electronic assistant - the need to periodically update the outdated maps.

This is a simple procedure that can be performedin three ways: update directly (if the device has access to the Internet), using a computer and special programs through the official manufacturer site.



The first method. Turn on the Navigator. Go to Menu and select the "My Products". Next, select a card from the list of available update. Click "Yes" when prompted to update the map.


The second method. Turn on the PC and go online. On the official website, download the program to upgrade. Install the software update using the installation wizard. Run the program. It will automatically find all the updates and will issue a proposal to maintain them on a PC. Click to continue the procedure and wait for the completion of the injection. Connect your device to a PC.


Then run the update. It will automatically detect the connected navigator. If the new card program will be found, it will prompt you to update them on the device. Select the version to which you want to upgrade the navigation software. If your intention is not to update all of the software, you can install only the new cards by selecting "Do not update the application."


Then select from the list the desired card, press the "Update". After installation, update, quit the application. Disconnect from your computer browser. Turn the wheel to check.


The third method. Visit the official site of the manufacturer. Get registered on this site. Find the section "My Updates (device)." Choose the appropriate card. This will bring up a link to their download. Save the file to your PC. If the files are downloaded archive, you must remove them in a folder.


Next, connect your device to a PC. Delete the folder with the cards all previous versions of the maps. Start the update program and start to download new maps to your device.


Upon completion of any of these procedures, your GPS-navigator will contain new maps, which will be easier to navigate anywhere.

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