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How to update your GPS navigator


How to update your GPS navigator</a>

The car navigator is a very convenient device.

It allows you to navigate in any unfamiliar city.

The only inconvenience that such an electronic assistant brings is the need to periodically update obsolete maps.

This is a simple procedure that can be performedIn three ways: update directly (if the device has access to the Internet), using a computer and a special program, through the official website of the manufacturer.



The first way. Turn on the navigator. Go to Menu and select "My products". Next, select a map from the list of available updates. Click "Yes" when the program prompts you to update the card.


The second way. Turn on the PC and go online. From the official site, download the program for the update. Install the update program using the installation wizard. Run the program. It will automatically find all the updates and give an offer to save them on the PC. Press the button to continue the procedure and wait for the download to finish. Connect your device to the PC.


After that, run the program for the update. It will automatically find the connected navigator. If new maps are found by the program, then it will offer to update them on the device. Select the version to which you want to update the navigator software. If your intention is not to update the entire software, then you can install only new maps by selecting the option "Do not update the application".


Then select the required cards from the list, click Update. When the update installation is complete, exit the application. Disconnect the device from the computer. Turn on the navigator for verification.


The third way. Go to the official website of the manufacturer. Register on this site. Find the section "My updates (devices)". Pick up the necessary cards. After that, a link will appear for downloading. Save the files to your PC. If the files are downloaded by the archive, they need to be extracted to the folder.


Then connect the device to the PC. Remove all previous versions of maps from the map folder. Run the update program and start downloading new maps to your device.


After completing any of these procedures, your GPS-navigator will contain new maps, which will make it easier for you to navigate anywhere.

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