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Up to what age is it possible to get higher education

Up to what age can get higher education

At the moment, at the time of the necessary documents for admission to higher education can be found mostly only young students eager to obtain first higher education.

However, come to learn and those who are already in adulthood.

They often fear that they can not overcome the age limit.

What does the Russian legislation on the age limit for admission to higher education

If we turn to the Law "On education in theRussian Federation »№ 273-FZ, and there pointed out that any Russian citizen can get a higher education, regardless of age. This means that even a person who is retired, at will be able to easily enter the chosen specialty and receive a diploma.
Moreover, if a person - regardless ofage - gets its first higher education and successfully passed the entrance exams, he will be taught along with all completely free of charge, moreover, with good indicators of development of science, and he will get another state scholarship.

There are many examples of how people are even75 years receive education. And it says that in his old age pension or you can without any problems to enter a university and get a degree, both in Russia and abroad.

But, unfortunately, there are professions that haverestrictions on age range because of potential health problems. For example, pilots can only become healthy people who do not have contraindications and chronic diseases, and it follows that a person of advanced age, for example, with a painful heart, will not be able to hand over the documents and get an education in this specialty.

Age limit for admission to foreign universities

Today has also become fashionable not to get an educationon open spaces of his native land and abroad. There are going "to gnaw granite of science" not only young students but also older people, seeking to obtain a second higher education in the world famous institutions. For example, when entering the Czech University no age restrictions on admission of applicants, may only be a problem with access to learning multiple entry visa in people older than 30 years. So in this case, the older generation, who wants to study abroad, you should seriously consider the preparation of documents.

Russian Institute incarnation of an old man - is an analogue of American Higher School for the elderly. It is in the US for the first time offered to teach pensioners with undergraduate students.

It should also be borne in mind that to go to college canOnly applicants who are 18 years of age and have education equivalent of the foreign school curriculum, in the country where they plan to study. So in the UK will not be possible immediately after the Russian school to go to college or university because their curriculum is designed for 13 years, and the Russian 10-11. At best it will be possible to complete two university courses in the walls of the educational institutions at home and only then try to come to the big British school.

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