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Up to what age the child is needed naps

Up to what age the child is needed naps

Sleep is essential for humans.

Some prefer to sleep not only at night but during the day.

But naps for children is not just desirable, but rather optional.

The role of sleep in the child's development

Sleeping baby needs for rest and recoveryForces that are vital for healthy growth, but also to restore the nervous system. Sleep helps the child to understand the information received per day and recycle. Parents should not forget that only if all the necessary conditions, including the conditions of continuous and restful sleep, perhaps a full development of the child.

These conditions are important not only for a night's sleep, but also for the day.

The value of an afternoon nap, and the age at which you can give it up

Any adult person at the mention of hischildhood, be sure to remember as parents were forced to sleep in the afternoon, and they do not want to do, but now regrets that it is impossible to turn back the clock.
With regards to the age of 2 hours of sleep during the day is neededchild up to 6 years. The lower the age, the greater the need to sleep during the day. For example, a baby sleeps 18 hours year-old kid - 14 hours, in 5 years, the child gives sleep to 11 hours, and at age 6 - 10 hours.
And only seven years of age, the child's bodyIt can only sleep at night (monophasic sleep). Of course, this does not mean that all children 7 years old do not sleep during the day. They still remains a need for a long time in a day dream, which is particularly evident in the period of the disease.
If the child does not sleep during the day, then soon it will manifest in his excessive irritability, fatigue, frequent colds, delay physical and mental development.

It should be noted that lack of sleep changes the emotions children - positive developments they perceive less happily, and negative - much worse than it actually is.

Infidelity and wrong attitude of parents whomistakenly believe that if a child does not have a sleep in the afternoon, at night, he will fall asleep faster and sleep will be stronger. The error is that the child awake overtired and therefore the sleep process can take a long time, will have nightmares at night. It affects the brain overloaded with work.
For parents of children sleeping and not sleeping during the day,There is only rule: a half hour before sleep during the day, with the child need to play a game of quiet nature, which activates the thought process. This will calm the baby, which will contribute to the normal rest.
The most important rule for all parents to see their child in person, then he will listen to parents and respect their wishes.

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