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Up to what term it is better not to talk about pregnancy


When and to whom to talk about pregnancy - to decideThere must be a couple, but the last word is always the woman. If the pregnant woman does not want to report on the upcoming replenishment, it is worth accepting her opinion as the only possible one. This will save the peace in the family and the peace of the future mother. Doctors advise to wait with talk about pregnancy and not to inform others - because soon everything is already clear.

Up to what term it is better not to talk about pregnancy
The first 12 weeks are the most dangerous. During this period, the body itself can reject the fruit, often there are involuntary miscarriages. Therefore, do not rush to talk, and even more so with the acquisition of the inheritance of the baby. The fact is that if the fetus is not full, there was a mutation or other violations - the female body can make a decision on its own. No matter how hard it is to experience this, but sometimes the body is really more visible. Think, it's easier to survive this moment yourself or with a psychologist than to take often inappropriate support words. In addition, for a long time you will be asked about your health, even more recalling a miscarriage. Although most often pregnancy proceeds safely, talk about it is after 12-14 weeks.

When to inform relatives

Until when do not talk about pregnancyRelatives and close people, depends on the relationship in the family. If the relationship is good - boldly arrange a holiday and solemnly congratulate parents that soon they will become grandparents. In case the relationship leaves much to be desired, do not report as long as possible. This will avoid assessments, accusations and other disorders that may negatively affect the course of pregnancy and the health of the child.

With whom and when to share the joy - choose you. To whom to tell in the beginning to mum or the best girlfriend - too your decision. To avoid resentment, after childbirth, you can say that there were concerns about pregnancy, or you decided to make everyone a pleasant surprise.

What to say to the employer

You probably already know about the relationshipEmployer and team to pregnant employees. If at work in every possible way infringe on pregnant women - hide as long as possible. Ideally, if you go to the decree while on vacation. Sometimes it is possible to ask the therapist to write sick-list, having told about the position. You are lucky, and the bosses are fond of pregnant women - report after 12-14 weeks. This will allow the management to find a replacement, optimize the work process and conduct you on a maternity leave with a clear conscience.

Neighbors, friends and all those with whom youUnfamiliar, generally not worth reporting about pregnancy, they will find out for themselves when they see your growing abdomen. Pregnancy is a sacrament, and if you do not want to be disturbed over trifles under a good pretext, it's better to talk about your situation as sparingly as possible.

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