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Until what time taken to plunge into an ice-hole on Epiphany

Until what time decided to plunge into an ice-hole on Epiphany

The practice of bathing in consecrated ice hole on the Epiphany is very common in today's Russia.

Many people try to follow this tradition, every year coming to the open water for the purpose of immersion in the holy water.

First of all, it is worth noting that those whodip it in consecrated Epiphany hole (in holy water) must resort to such practices is not just after 12 am on the 19th of January, but only after the blessing of the water in the font. Otherwise, a person "dives" in ordinary water. Sanctification sources held at different times. It is possible that some of the clergy (especially in large cities) because of the large number of clergy consecrated font ( "Jordan") around midnight. However, these cases are not so common in current practice.

The most common font consecrated after a nightholiday service in the morning. In some temples Liturgy on the feast of Epiphany is not done on the night of the 19th of January, and in the morning of the same date. In such cases, the sources may pass the night before the consecration liturgy. Thus, depending on the time of the consecration of the baptismal font and the need to count the correct time of immersion in the Jordan.

It should be noted that it is accepted in the swimhallowed sources for astronomical day on January 19th (which in itself feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ). With the advent of 20 January (from 12 am) swimming in fonts stops. It is now quite difficult to find people who dip into the hole after the 19th day of the second month of winter.

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