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How to unravel the essence of man, according to the parasites

How to unravel the essence of man, according to the parasites

99% people use the phrase in the speech word-parasites and parasites.

These words can be a lot to learn enough about the person.

Here are just a few examples.

"By the way" - so say the people who do not feel in your e sufficient attention. The company they feel uncomfortable, and each performance starts with the word.

"In short" - an indicator of aggression, nervousness, haste. Most often it is used choleric with unbalanced nervous system or talkers.

"This is the most" - pronounced by people, not loving to do their job. They are unreliable and too impulsive, you can not rely on them.

"Actually" - the word of people who suffer from self-doubt. Because of this, they are even able to create a scandal literally out of nothing.

"Actually" - a sign of self-confidence and self-centered people, who are used to trust only themselves. Such people are not easy to make friends - they consider all single gray mass.

"So", "type" - like to use in the speech of the real conservatives, who oppose all new beginnings. They are able to prove their opinion in a rather aggressive style.

"Whatever" - creative nature, for the most part are in their own fantasy world. For the most part, they are cut off from society, and this expression clearly demonstrate their attitude to life.

"Just" - I love that word subordinate and dependent on their own environment. Such people often have a habit of making excuses, you finally dropping in the eyes of others.

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