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How to unlock the modem

How to unlock the modem

Great popularity began to gain 3G-modems.

Modems operating on EDGE standard, coming into every home. And along with them sometimes come the problems associated with blocking these modems.

Sometimes the cause is unknown even to block them by producers, as well as technical support.

At the moment, the question arose squarely: what to do when you lock the modem?

You will need

  • 3G-modem, SIM card and software Far Manager.



Unlocking of 3G-modem afford not to everyoneaverage user. But what if you are in this situation? Often, a call to technical support will not save the modem from the unit to access the Internet. A necessary condition for the removal of the block - the set of 3G-modem software and Far Manager'a. SIM card removal unit is not required, it is useful only when checking the functionality of the modem functions.

How to unlock the modem


Consider unlock Huawei modem onE160G with Beeline SIM card. Establish a program of work with the modem - Beeline Internet Houses. When you run this program, it would "swear", generate an error. In this case, launch Far Manager. It works on the principle of a conventional file manager (similar to Total Commander). This manager, find the path to the "C: Program FilesHuawei E160GBilayn Internet Home" folder. In this folder, find the «atcomm.dll» file.
Now click on the keyboard «F4». In the document, make a search (click «F7») words «CARDLOCK». Change all the letters of the word on zero. Close the document and save changes. Run the "BID" (Beeline Internet Houses), now she "does not swear." This will allow you to send sms-messages via modem.

How to unlock the modem


After starting the program, create a new accounta record that is required for Internet access. Now you can visit the web page also has the ability to check the amount of outgoing traffic.

An interesting feature of these modems - works with any sim cards in your area. It has been tested on the most well-known mobile operators.

How to unlock the modem

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