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How to unlock the headset


How to unlock the headset</a>

Bluetooth-headset is a wireless device that connects to a mobile phone.

It is attached to the ear and allows you to answer incoming calls without using your hands.

It is important to connect the device to the phone correctly in order to avoid blocking it, which is automatically turned on as a means of protection.



Study the instructions carefully to yourBluetooth-headset and familiarize yourself with the features of its connection to a mobile phone or other device, for example, a laptop. Note that some devices may not be compatible with one another, for example, if they are from different manufacturers. If this information is not available in the manual, go to the headset manufacturer's website and see the list of supported devices and their names.


Find specific connection codes andUnlock the headset in the instructions or on the website of its manufacturer. You need to do this before connecting it to another device. Try turning on the headset. Note that you usually need to hold the power button for a few seconds to connect to another device. Activate the Bluetooth connection on your phone, tablet or laptop and go to the search mode for new devices. Click on the name of your headset in the list. Enter the activation code. If you do not know it, try entering values ​​such as 0000 or 1234. After that, the connection must be successful.


If the connection does not occur and the subsequentAttempts to connect the headset are unsuccessful, most likely, it was blocked. If the system asks you to enter the unlock code, use the appropriate combination specified in the instructions or on the developer's site. Try also to reboot the phone or computer and reset their settings, and then try to connect again. In addition, you can use the services of the service center of the headset manufacturer or the device connected to it in your city. Experts will help you unlock the headset and make it properly connected.

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