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How to unlock the card on the phone

How to unlock the card on the phone

When you turn on your phone, some SIM cards do not start working immediately - you first need to enter the PIN-code, a four-digit password.

Most likely the default (before the first change), it consists of four zeros or numbers in 1234, but not always.

You will need

  • Included mobile telephone
  • SIM-card with a full package of documents.



Find documents on the SIM card the PIN-1 (not the PIN-2!). Enter it and click the submit button (but do not call).


If PIN-1 did not come, remember, you may be replaced with this code? Enter again. On the unlock sim card so you have three attempts.


Having exhausted the limit of attempts to unlock map via PUK-1 code. Find him on the documents. Enter the sequence of numbers: ** 05 * PUK1-code * new PIN1-code * new PIN1-code #. On the restoration of access by this method you have ten attempts.

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