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How to unlock memory card

How to unlock memory card

Memory card - plug-in device for recording, storing and processing of certain types of information, graphics (pictures or video), audio, text and other.

They are used to work with information in phones, cameras, other equipment.

the card can be blocked for the suspension of access to information.

Remove the block from the card, you can use a special lever on it.



Remove the card from the device, turn to himone of the broad surfaces, cut-off corner upwards. Right or left on top is a small movable lever, and is written next to it the word "Lock".


If the lever is moved to the level of the word "Lock" (English - "lock"), the card is blocked. The illustration card memory just located in this state. Gently press the lever with your fingertip or nail and push to the unlocked position. Instead of finger or a fingernail can use soft delicate instrument, so as not to break the lever too strong mechanical action.


Insert the card into the device. Now the card is unlocked, information can be read, processed, add and delete.

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