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Uninterruptible power supplies for gas boilers

Uninterruptible power supplies for gas boilers

Working gas-fired boilers is largely dependent onuninterrupted and quality power supply. Because of frequent power surges and power outages boiler equipment can rapidly fail.

Therefore, the boiler need a reliable uninterruptible power supply.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible power supplies are needed to create a permanent electrical connection. They allow you to continue the operation of the gas boiler during a power failure.

Compared to gasoline and diesel generators, uninterruptible power supplies provide the following benefits:
- A higher ratio nadezhnosti-
- Simple installation and connection-
- More operating time on otkaz-
- Silent work-
- No need for constant maintenance and replacement of consumables.

Bespereboynik perform a number of conditions necessaryfor high-quality power supply of circulation pumps and electronic gas boiler unit. These conditions include: a sinusoidal voltage waveform, high precision voltage and frequency filtering properties, protection against deep discharge batteries, a wide input voltage range.

UPS Types for gas boilers

There are three types of sources for use with the gas boilers: line, line-interactive, double-conversion UPS.

The most simplified model is a linearuninterruptable power source. The voltage at the input and output of the device is not changed, since its construction has no voltage regulator for gas boilers. Such power has the ability to disconnect from the mains, moving while on battery power.

The line-interactive UPS has a simpleVoltage regulator. If you connect an external battery, this source will provide gas boiler operation without connection to the mains up to ten hours. At the output of the UPS turns a sinusoidal signal with the characteristics of 50 Hz and 220V.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Dualin addition to the conversion backup power supply voltage stabilizes. Besides the possibility of stable operation of the boiler on voltage 110-300V and filtering interference, it is possible to connect a gasoline generator.

Batteries for uninterruptible power supply

An uninterruptible power supply canconnect multiple batteries, increasing this duration of its battery life. It is necessary to see to it that all the batteries in the battery were the same capacity and have the same level of charge. Otherwise, they will discharge evenly and not be able to achieve a long period of battery life.

UPS Batteries can be switched in series andparallel. When in series, the battery capacity is not changed, and the voltage develops. In a parallel circuit voltage does not change, and the battery capacity is increased proportionally.

Sometimes, for the sake of saving with bespereboynikused car batteries. Doing this is not necessary, because the incorrect battery connection will lead UPS fails, in which case it will not replace under warranty. The most appropriate option - sealed batteries that are specifically designed for uninterruptible power supply.

By connecting several batteries, place them so that the air gap is formed between them. Otherwise they will be heated further apart.

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Batteries consumed quickly in the heat, sothey must not be near heat sources. Low temperature too rapidly discharges them, so the best option - to keep them at room temperature.

How to choose the Uninterruptible Power Supply

Choosing bespereboynik for gas boiler,you must pay attention to the time necessary autonomy and power consumption. In this case, it refers to the electric power of the circulation pumps and the automation of the boiler. Pumps characterized by high inrush currents, because of this, their power must be multiplied by three. The boiler output can be specified in the data sheet of the product.

For cottages and houses for a small wall-mount type uninterruptible power supply.

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In addition, decide the necessary timeautonomy, it depends on the battery capacity and load power. With a high capacity and lower power load connections longer runtime. As mentioned above, the required battery life provided by connecting different numbers of batteries. But this does not mean that you need to collect the system on the principle of "working longer - works better", as its costs rise with an increase in the number of rechargeable batteries. Collect the set, starting from the operation of your network. If it is characterized by short-lived trip, do not pay and collect system that will provide a stand-alone power supply for a day.

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