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How to uninstall avast

How to uninstall avast

By downloading the software to your PCand popolzovavshis it for a while, you realize that this utility you no longer need. Or you found an analogue of the program, which is better and more convenient than the former.

What to do with the old utility?

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Administrator rights.



For example, the anti-virus program Avast (avast). Not everyone likes it, do not all satisfied with how it works. There are anti-virus software is easier and more reliable to the program. The question arises: how to uninstall Avast from my computer? There are many ways to remove programs. There are special tools that remove all unnecessary software, clean your PC and perform many other functions. But they need to be installed from a CD or downloaded from the Internet.


There are ways to remove programs mucheasier than the above. When you install any software, including Avast, the app goes and uninstaller (uninstall). To start the program, enter the "Start" menu, select "All Programs."


search for "Avast" folder in the list that appears. Click on the "+" icon next to the folder. You will open a list of files that are stored in this folder. In the list of command "Uninstall a Program" (uninstall or Uninstall). In the window that opens, follow the instructions of the system, all the while pressing the "OK" or "Next".


Avast Uninstall a program, and any other, you canalso through the "Control Panel". To do this through the "Start" menu, select the tab "Control Panel". In the window that opens, click on the "Programs" tab, then click "Add or Remove Programs." It is also possible on the PC desktop, click on the icon "My Computer" and select the tab in the left menu "Add or Remove Programs."


In the new window, locate Avast in the program list. Click on it to highlight it, and click "Delete." The program will be deleted from your computer. To make sure you can restart your computer.

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