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How to understand yourself

How to understand yourself

We often advise their friends and acquaintances, how best to do in a given situation. And we think that other people's problems are seen as the "palm", and to solve them in the cellar.

But when the problem can not be solved and, at first glance, tasks, burst into our lives, we encounter them bewildered and full of stupor.

How to understand themselves and their own to solve questions concerning our destiny?



Do not run after the advice of friends. How many people, so many opinions. In the end, you still choose just the council, which is already predisposed your soul. Just in case you want to find and confirm your sense absolve themselves of responsibility. To better understand yourself and come to a "balanced" solution, you should ignore the others.


Find a room where you do not interfere. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine what you want and what you strive for. Then consider that currently hinders you to do it. After that, pofantaziruet, how would you overcome the obstacles on the way to his dream. Record your ideas to paper. And begin to implement them. Let they will seem too fantastic, but if they have developed in your head, which means that they have a right to exist.


Sit down at the desk, take a clean sheetpaper and a pen. Draw two columns. In the first write to your weak traits of character, in the second - strong. Record your honest qualities of character. If in doubt, ask the opinion of your loved ones.


Once the table is ready, it carefullyvote. What kind of qualities more? Look at the weak points of your character. How can they be converted into strengths? Answer this question for yourself, or ask those whom you trust implicitly. And now start to work on them. Draw himself image, which you want to achieve, step by step, approaching it.


understand himself help your friends. Scientists have proven that we intuitively friends with those with whom by nature, the perception of life and thoughts alike. Therefore, if a friend - an exact copy of your note of what you should first of all pay attention to.

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