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How to understand your pet?

If you have a pet cat or a cat, you are familiar pressed ears and meowing pensive look.

Each signal that something is, however, to understand it can only experienced trainers who have learned to understand the gestures of animals.


If you want to know what kind of mood yourpet, look at his ears. We contented and relaxed cat they are always directed forward. If your pet is not like something, he deploys his ears in different directions and presses them to the back of the head.


If the eyes are wide open and the cat looks atyou mean, it's all for attention and listens to you. In an angry cat's eyes become large and glass. When treats, just stares and blinks slowly closing his eyes, a sign of happiness.


The cat that hunts mustaches like a fan, widelyopen. They are moving when the cat is interested or something examines and sniffs. If the mustache relaxed, it is a sign that the animal is tired and wants to rest.


Cat always wags its tail when it's not like something, or angry. If the cat is just the tip of the lip, it means that it is not satisfied. A quick sweep of the tail up is fear.


Frightened cat immediately presses the ears and trying to hide and become invisible.

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