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How to understand the word phonetic composition

How to disassemble the word phonetic composition

When we give the phonetic analysis of characteristics of the sound structure of speech. Phonetic analysis can be oral or written, full or partial.

During the analysis must always say the word aloud.



Write the word.


Divide the word into syllables and determine the number of syllables.


Put an accent mark.


Determine the number of vowels and consonants.


Record full phonetic transcription of the word.


Give a description of each sound (voiced consonants are divided into, or deaf, hard or soft, and vowels are stressed and unstressed).


Count and record the number of letters and sounds in a word.


Let us try to carry out a specific example zvukobukvenny parsing words. So, let us take the word "dancer".


First complete the oral examination:
- Balerina-

- In a word ballerina 4 sloga-

- The emphasis falls on the third syllable: balerIna-

- In a word 4 vowels, 4 sogl-.

- [Bal'irina]

- The letter B (BE) denotes the sound [b] - consonantringing tverdyy- letter a designated unaccented sound [a] - the letter l (el) denotes a consonant [l '] - consonant, voiced myagkiy- letter e denotes unstressed vowel - [and] - the letter p (er) denotes a consonant sound [p '] - calls, letter and myagkiy- [and] marked the stressed vowel sound [and] - the letter n (en) denotes the sound [n] - a consonant, voiced tverdy- letter a designated unstressed vowel - [a] $

- In a word Ballerina - 8 sounds 8 letters.


The written analysis is as follows:
Ballerina - 4 syllables, 4 vowels, 4 sogl-.

b - [b] - acc, sound (n.), tv... (P.)-

and - [a] - ch, bezudar.-.

L - [L '] - acc, sound.. (Nep.), Softly. (P.)-

e - [and] - ch, bezud.-.

p - [p '] - acc, sound.. (Nep.), Softly. (P.)-

and - [and] - ch, udar.-.

n - [n] - acc, sound.. (Nep), TV (p.). -

and - [a] - ch, bezud..
8 letters, 8 sounds.

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