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How to understand the word existential


Existential crisis</a>

The word "existential" is the subject of detailedResearch in humanistic psychology. It is the central term for this direction of scientific and practical discipline, which focuses on the existence of man, the meaning of life, on the time of his life.

This direction is sometimes called "existential psychology".

For Existentialists, one of the most importantParameters of life and psychological activity of a person is the concept of time, time scale. Human development goes from point to point of this scale. In some periods, the personality is confronted with so-called "existential crises". They can be defined as the crises of the meaning of life.

The study of life crises helps to overcome psychological difficulties

Existential psychotherapy, it is believed,Is most suitable for psychologically and mentally healthy individuals. Its main task: to help a person correctly and with minimal losses overcome critical life points.

Analysis of a person's life through time intervals is a very promising direction of psychotherapy.

The doctrine of existentialists about the personal crisisQuite optimistic. Following the scientists of other areas, they believe that the crisis is not the end of life. This is the turning point that arises to bring a person to a new level of existence. Overcoming the crisis, a person makes a sharp leap in his personal development. To do this, he must learn to understand that the word "crisis" means opening up prospects for a qualitatively higher standard of living.

Work with complex emotional states

Existential psychology - a direction for emotionally confused, but healthy and mature personalities.

Existential psychologists, like psychoanalystsOr cognitive psychotherapists, can work with complex emotional states. Even a mentally healthy person can temporarily "get stuck" in anxiety, apathy, subdepressive and other strong emotional states that prevent him from acting adequately in the world. But if the psychoanalyst will be looking for even the slightest manifestations of pathologies in a healthy person, then the existentialist has a different focus. He focuses on healthy and highly developed personality structures, through which "corrects" and pulls out those structures that are currently experiencing the destructive effects of time or environment.

Who fits the existential approach

Existential psychotherapy or counselingThe existential psychologist works best in a situation of a life crisis. Sometimes people are paralyzed by thoughts about how to rethink their lives, what to change in it, where to move on. And as a "Buridani donkey" between two bunches of hay, such a person is lost between the choices of alternatives. In this case it is the existential psychologist who will help him to analyze his choices in the light of his life prospects and taking into account past achievements faster than the rest. And take such a decision, which he then will not regret.

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