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How to understand the word existential

Existential crisis

The word "existential" - the subject of a detailedResearch in humanistic psychology. It is a central term for this area of ​​scientific and practical discipline which the emphasis is on human existence, the meaning of life, at the time of his life.

This area is sometimes called "Existential psychology".

For existentialists one of the most importantlife and psychological parameters of human activity is the concept of time, a timeline. Human development is a point-to-point of the scale. In some periods of the person confronted with the so-called "existential crisis". They can be defined as a crisis of meaning in life.

The study of life crises helps overcome psychological difficulties

Existential psychotherapy is considered,most suited for psychologically and mentally healthy individuals. Its main aim is to help the person correctly and with minimal losses to overcome the critical point in life.

An analysis of human life through time periods - a very promising area of ​​psychotherapy.

existentialist doctrine of personal crisisrather optimistic. After scientists from other areas, they believe that the crisis - this is not the end of life. This is a turning point, which appears to lead to a new level of human existence. Overcoming the crisis, a person makes a sharp jump in their personal development. To do this, he must learn to understand that the word "crisis" means opening the prospects for the qualitative higher standard of living.

Work with complex emotional states

Existential psychology - direction for the emotionally entangled, but healthy and mature individuals.

Existential psychology, like psychoanalysisor cognitive therapists can work with complex emotional states. Even a healthy person in the mental plane can temporarily "stuck" in anxiety, apathy, subdepressive and other strong emotional states, interfering adequately act in the world. But if the analyst is in a healthy person look even the slightest manifestation of pathologies, then the focus of some existentialist. It places emphasis on healthy and highly developed structure of the person, due to which "corrects" and pulls out the structures, which are currently experiencing the destructive effects of time and environment.

Suitable for existential approach

Existential psychotherapy or counselingexistential psychologist best way to trigger a situation of life crisis. Sometimes the person paralyze thought about how to rethink your life that change in it, where to go next. And as "Buridan's ass" between two bundles of hay, a man lost the election between alternatives. In this case, it is an existential psychologist faster than the others help him analyze his election prospects in the light of his life and taking into account the past achievements. And to make this decision, which he then did not regret it.

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