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How to disassemble a noun as part of a speech


Morphological signs of a noun</a>

The analysis of the noun as part of speech - more precisely, the morphological analysis - is carried out according to a pre-determined simple scheme.

It can be remembered or printed and designed as a memo.



To begin the analysis, write down the necessaryNoun of the text. Do not change the number and case in which the given word stands. For example, "cold". If the noun is used with a preposition, then this preposition should also be written out, placing it in front of the noun and taking it in parentheses. For example, "(in) the forest." Here, also, indicate the belonging to a certain part of speech (noun), the general grammatical meaning (subject) and the question to which this word answers.
You can register the recording as follows:
Cold - n. (Than?), Denotes an object.


The first point of morphological analysis -Definition of the initial form of the word. For nouns it is the nominative singular (cold, forest, sailor). The exception is words that are not used in the singular (jeans, scissors, glasses). For them, the initial form will be the nominative plural of the plural.


The second point of parsing is the definitionMorphological features. First, they determine permanent signs: a proper or nominal name, animate or inanimate, what kind and what declension. For example, the word "forest" has the following permanent features: common, inanimate, masculine (can be written in abbreviated form - m. P.), II declination.


The next part of the second paragraph is the definitionNon-permanent signs. In nouns, this number and case. For example, the word "(in) the forest" is used in the form of the prepositional case (PP) of the singular (singular). However, for nouns that do not change in numbers (oil, trousers, etc.), the number should be attributed to permanent signs.


The third point is the definition of a syntactic roleWords in the sentence. Usually a noun is a subject, addition or circumstance. For example, the noun of the sentence "Chilled by the cold" acts as a supplement.

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