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How to understand how a noun part of speech

The morphological features of a noun

Analysis of the noun as a part of speech - or rather, morphological analysis - performed by a predetermined simple scheme.

It can be stored or printed out and made into a memo.



To start the analysis, write rightnoun from the text. This does not change the number and case, in which the word stands. For example, "cold". If a noun consumed with the pretext that this pretext should also write down, putting it in front of a noun, and taking in parentheses. For example, "(a) wood." Here we enter the membership of a particular part of speech (noun), general grammatical meaning (thing) and a question that answers the word.
Recording can be issued as follows:
Cold - noun. (What?), Represents the subject.


The first paragraph of morphological analysis -determination of the initial form of the word. Nouns is the nominative singular (cold, forest, sailor). Exceptions are words that are not used in the singular (jeans, scissors, glasses). For them will be the primary form of the nominative plural.


The second paragraph of analysis - Determinationmorphological traits. First, define the permanent signs: a proper name or common noun, animate or inanimate, and what kind of inducement. For example, the word "forest" of the following permanent signs: a common noun, inanimate, masculine (can be written in abbreviated form - m p..), II decline.


The next part of the second paragraph - Definitionnon-permanent signs. In nouns this number and case. For example, the word "(c) the forest" is used in the form of the prepositional (Paras) singular (singular). However, the nouns that are not changed by the numbers (oil, pants, etc.), the number should be assigned to permanent status.


The third point - the definition of syntactic roleword in a sentence. Typically, a noun is a subject, complement or circumstance. For example, the noun of "A breath of cold" proposal acts as a supplement.

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