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How to understand life

How to understand life

People often complain that their lives are complex andIt is impossible to restore order. It is understandable - the man who does not have a clear purpose in life that just goes with the flow, based on what they want from it other, not just in life.

To make life easier, to understand it, in fact, only a couple of hours spent alone, without outside interference.

You have to deal with their objectives.



Take a pencil and paper. Think about what you want or ever wanted to life? Do not lean at the same time to do what you want from others, or who they want to see you - think at this moment only about their desires and aspirations. Write down on a piece of all his desires.


Now select the one most appropriate - onesthat you seem to be difficult, but possible. Select five or six goals and highlight them. Before you - your main goals, interests, compliance with which you must work through the prism of which you need to look at life.


Work through each of these goals. Map out a plan of action, determine what is needed to achieve each of these goals, arrange them in chronological order and select the actions that you bring to your desires. Emphasizes the actions that contribute to the solution of several steps at once.


Make a schedule to achieve your goalsqualitative and chronological indicators. Remember that if you want to reach your goal, you must clearly understand how much progress you have achieved that was done right and what is not.

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