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How to understand the expression to catch courage

How to understand the expression to catch courage

How many times in a nightclub at a party or a sports arena, you have heard this expression - "caught courage."

Most people understand by it a certain state of euphoria or ecstasy. Man in courage quickly and easily manage all of whatever he undertook.

But is it really and what does that word mean in general?

At the behest of the heart

Many people will be interested to know what is happeningthe word "courage" from the French word coeur - "heart". And literally means heart rush and something that is not controlled by reason, but only a subservient feelings. It so happens that logic completely denies the correctness of the decision, but the person is still sure that comes true. He is guided by momentary impulse and makes a mad, crazy and amazing things.
A man jumps into the last carriage of the outgoingtrain to catch up with your favorite student enthusiastically tells the exam ticket, which is hardly taught, rather shy girl closes her eyes, and the first kisses of the elect ... When the mind is not able to give the right you arguments in favor of this or that act, in the process involves the senses and the heart tells only true answer - act!

Passion, drive, or common sense?

Primarily, the familiar feeling boldness,who are engaged in sports or often acts in public. Any athlete, even a beginner, well aware that to win requires not only a good physical preparation, but also the mood. When power to the limit, the maximum voltage, and the heart is about to jump out of my chest from fatigue and stress, all of this must be used correctly in order to get additional charge of vivacity and energy. You see in front of the goal, stop feeling tired, you have literally feel like a winner, and sweeps away everything in its path. That is courage.
How to achieve this magical courage? In fact, there's nothing complicated. Catch courage - does not mean to go to another level of perception of reality or to achieve some kind of an unprecedented state. Sometimes on these people say that they behave contrary to logic and common sense, that is partly true. The more you think and weighed "for" and "against", the wild goose may eventually seem goal.
Courage and logic rarely compatible. The secret is simple. You give yourself the necessary positive attitude, believe in themselves and go to victory as if already got everything you want. That's all!

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