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How to understand the clock

How to understand the clock

It is hard to imagine a modern man, forwhere every minute counts, without watches. Today watches - is not only a vital necessity, which lets you know what time it is and plan your day, but also an element of style - watches complement the image of its owner.

Choose good watches that combine style and high quality, easy - to do this you need to know what are the hours and how they differ.



One common type of watch - mechanical. Such hours main element of the mechanism is a spring, andTime is set using arrows. These watches are inconvenient in that they should always start, as well as due to the unevenness of the spring unwinding, mechanical watches may not accurately display the time.


Convenient are mechanical automatic watch that automatically tighten up the spring, but nevertheless, the owner does not eliminate the need from time to time start them again.


It is much more commonly used electronic watch. Such hours element is the battery power, and the pendulumreplaced by a quartz crystal serving as a base generator. These watches are highly accurate, but quartz crystal over the years, aging, and thus the accuracy of the clock falls. You can also select the digital clock - a quartz watch with a digital display.


Durability of hours depends not only on how tothe basis of which made their mechanism, but also on external factors - from how well made watch case, dial, glass and bracelet. Carefully consider the watch case, you want to buy.


Cheapest watches are made of aluminum - it issoft metal, which leaves marks on the skin and is prone to damage. In an urban environment is much more convenient use of high quality and durable plastic watch or a titanium alloy. The watch case can be covered with lacquer, which quickly erased, giving hours of ugly appearance, as well as gold-plated or black chrome.


Some of titanium or stainless steel clock does not cover at all. On the gilded hours pay attention to the quality and thickness of the layer of gilding. Never buy a clock with nickel-plated - it harms human health and can cause allergies.


Also, always pay attention to the quality ofbracelet watch - it does not deteriorate and lose appearance over time, and therefore must be metal. The bracelet should sit comfortably in the hand, and it must be securely fastened to the watch case.


Some watches are made with protection against shock and moisture - such parameters to increase their prices, but at the same time and extend the life of your watch.


The shape and size of the watch selected in accordance with thetheir image and style preferences. Men tend to choose the classic round or square watch, women prefer elegant small models and teens choose clock non-standard forms.

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