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How to understand the cause of bad breath


How to understand the cause of bad breath</a>

An unpleasant smell from the mouth is a problem, which is not very convenient to talk about.

However, this phenomenon can affect any person. Repulsive odor, as a rule, is associated with violations of hygiene.

In fact, the reasons for which it can appear, much more.

Causes of bad breath

The cause of bad breath can beSimple famine. Thus, the stomach reacts to a hungry condition. Many, on the contrary, an unpleasant smell appears after eating. People try not to pay special attention to this problem, eliminating it with chewing gum or other refreshing drugs.
It is worth noting that an unpleasant odor from the mouthIs a product of the vital activity of pathological bacteria that accumulate in the oral cavity. That is why often this problem arises because of poor hygiene.
The presence of calculus, stomatitis, gingivitis, pulpitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, caries - can also cause an unpleasant odor in the oral cavity.
Dry mucosa is not the lastPlace in the causes of the appearance of an unpleasant repulsive odor from the mouth. Saliva is a natural natural cleaner. A huge number of bacteria are washed away with every sip of saliva. Accordingly, the process of cleansing the oral cavity deteriorates when the salivation decreases.
Reduced salivation may be caused bySuch diseases as neurosis, gastritis, anemia, diabetes mellitus, etc. Taking sedatives and hypnotics can also play a role in reducing the natural salivation. In medical practice this phenomenon has a term - xerostomia.
Internal diseases can also causeBad breath from the mouth. These include diseases of the nasopharynx (sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, angina, rhinitis, tonsillitis), respiratory tract infections (lung abscess), stomach diseases (gastroduodenitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis), liver (liver failure), kidney (renal failure).


In order to get rid of the unpleasant odorFrom the mouth, the true cause of the problem should be identified. For this it is necessary to consult a qualified specialist. He, having identified the cause, will appoint the right treatment.
Since the main source of unpleasantThe smell in the mouth is bacteria, it is with them that we have to fight. Help in this regular and proper hygiene procedures, a balanced diet, which should combine a large amount of plant foods. It will also be worth it to visit a dentist. If necessary, timely treatment of possible gingival and dental diseases, professional dental cleaning should be done.

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