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How to understand that the Christian God is one, but three in Persons

How to understand that the Christian God is one, but three in Persons

Christian sets out the doctrine of God as Trinity.

Orthodox people believe that God is one, but three in Persons.

This dogma is fundamental to Christian theology.

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity isincomprehensible fully to the human mind. It is no coincidence at all dogmas may be referred to the cross for the human mind. Man in full can not grasp the essence of the deity, as God is incomprehensible in nature. Scripture says that God dwells in unapproachable light (1 Tim.6-16). St. John Chrysostom interprets it so that even the area of ​​the existence of God is impregnable to the human mind, the more you can not talk about the comprehension of the nature of God. Lord, according to the teaching of St. Gregory Palamas may be knowable through His power (grace).

Many outstanding theologians wanted to get intothe mystery of the Holy Trinity. For example, St. Augustine wandered somehow on the beach with his thoughts about it. He was an angel and advised first spoon to dig a hole on the beach, then this spoon to pour the sea into the hole. Only then can we at least try to understand the essence of the mystery of the Holy Trinity. That is, to make it impossible to fully.

A Christian must accept on faith dogma thatthat God is one, but three in Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit - the Trinity one in essence and undivided. God is not only numerically one, but in essence is one. All three Persons of the Holy Trinity possess equal divine dignity. Individuals differ from each other only in the way of his personal being. Thus, the Father of anyone not born and does not occur, the Son eternally born of the Father, the Holy Spirit is eternally from the Father comes. The three persons of the Trinity, three persons, three persons but one (single) nature, one (single) nature, one (single) identity. Of course, it is not clear how one God can be three persons, three persons, three persons. But in Christian theology the term is, the trinity of the deity. Trinity is seen through the face, personality and subsistence, and unity is determined by a single entity, the outdoors and nature. It should be understood that the three Persons of God is not divided into three different gods, and do not merge with each other into a single deity.

One can cite some examples. When one sees the sun, feel the light from him and feels warm, he is quite clear about the sunlight, as an object separate rays and heat. But together with this, people do not share all of these three components to something separate and independent of each other. Figuratively speaking, as in the Holy Trinity. However, this comparison may not fully display the essence of the trinity of the deity to the extent that our world simply do not have such concepts that might shed light on the disclosure of God. The very limited human thinking ...

There are other examples of the created world,that the minimum display a trinity. For example, a man and his three-pillar. In Christianity is the doctrine that man is composed of body, soul and spirit.

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