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How to understand the story

How to understand the story

The interest in the past in recent years have increasingly shown. Knowledge of history helps a person to better understand the processes taking place in modern society.

To understand the history of the development of individual countries and peoples, it is important to have an idea of ​​that event early days and the present is firmly linked.

You will need

  • - Manuals for history-
  • - monografii-
  • - Documentary sources.



Understand for themselves the value of "history" and the termthe subject of this science. The original meaning of the word, which started the science of history, dating back to the ancient Greek concepts of "investigation" or to "recognize". Under the original story was meant to establish the truth of certain facts and events. The subject of history is the political, social and economic life of individual countries, regions and nations.


Acquire scientific categories used inhistorical science. The main categories include historical time and historical space, a historical fact, data sources and methodological approach to the study of past events. All events in the history of mankind has its spatial location, time of occurrence, and the sequence of cause and effect.


Explore the concept of historical time. It defines the periodization of the historical process and depends largely on the methodological position that takes the researcher. Several centuries ago, historians have numbered the historical time on board statesmen. Then scientists began to devote several eras: savagery, barbarism and modern civilization. In the Soviet historical science it was made to divide the history of the company for a few socio-economic formations.


Use appropriate for the study of historymanuals and technical literature. To understand the science of the past, you can start with the development of teaching materials intended for schools and students. Textbooks are good because they give the description of events, adapted and systematized in a special way that facilitates the perception of the material. As mastering the basics of science proceed to the study of monographs on the particular historical period.


Do not forget about the original sources that illuminatethe essence of a historical event. These may be periodical and newspaper articles relating to the period under consideration, white papers, legislative sources, fixing changes taking place in society. Introduction of such documents helps understand the essence of the event on their own, rather than through the prism of the views of the authors of monographs.


Considering the historical events, tryunderstand for themselves and their relationship of cause and effect relationship. Often, events in one country can not be fully understood without reference to the past of this country, or to what was happening at this time in the neighboring regions.

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