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How to understand Canon

How to disassemble Canon

To repair the Canon device is necessary to disassemble the printer. It makes it quite difficult.

The main thing - to observe the accuracy of procedures and work carefully.

You will need

  • Screwdriver.



Remove the back cover, which is at the same timeguide for the tray. Parse the side panels, using a screwdriver. the rear panel to hook latches with a screwdriver and carefully remove the item, moving it slightly back.


Twisted screws. Unbend the latch. Remove the body of the printer. Remove the paper tray, freeing him from the landing gnezdyshek axis using a thin screwdriver.


Twisted next batch of screws. Unbend the latch, remove the paper sensor located on the gearbox. Remove the tape, detachable train.


Twisted screws securing the control board and the frame holding the bracket which holds the paper feed axis. Detachable spring by squeezing the stopper and shift it to the side.


Disconnect the encoder sensor paper path, disengage the cables going to the carriage. Twisted screws fastening the control board and printer tray. Remove the card.


Detach cables from the power supply, the motor. Twisted turn the screws on the left and right sides of the frame of the printer, remove the base frame. We nominate the parking lot.


Disconnect the spring and tube heading to the pump, remove the parking lot. Twisted screws gear unit, it is disengaged. Finally, we obtain a "diaper".

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