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Undemanding plant for the home

Undemanding plant for the home

If the home you want to create a green area, but notturns to allocate care of plants enough time, you can choose the kind of unpretentious, which does not affect the error, forgetfulness or lack of time.

Landscaped interior, you can use plants and flowers that you need to create just the right light conditions, and provide regular watering.


This plant belongs to the shade-tolerant species, andperfect for the northern rooms or rooms in which not enough daylight. It can be used for landscaping offices, watering every 5-7 days in the summer and once in 10-15 days in winter.

pike tail

A hardy plant that brings greatsun and shade, drafts and dry air. Snake tail by many as ineradicable, but we must not forget to water it 1 time per week in summer and once every 2-3 weeks during the winter. Periodically, it is recommended to wipe the leaves during wet cleaning in the house.


Due to the fact that the plant can store water infleshy leaves, it easily transfers large breaks in between waterings. In general it is heat-loving plant, so it is best to place it on the southern windows. Aloe not only be flat decoration, but also useful for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, as it juice contains vitamins, amino acids and various essential oils.


For this purpose, any suitable plant soil, it cangrowing in a pot of any size in any part of the flat. Watering can be once a month, but nothing terrible will happen if you fill it with water - it is only provoke exuberant growth of whiskers with clumps of new plants. Chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air in the room that has a beneficial effect on the health of the inhabitants of the house.


The plant is very delicate and beautiful flowersdifferent shades. It can be placed on the east, south and west windows, but southern windows fit only in the winter, because bright sunlight can burn the leaves of violets. Water the plant only needs the apparent drying ground, otherwise you may provoke the decay of the root system.


One of the hardy plant, pleasingowners of beautiful blooms. To decembrist bloomed regularly, he needs the scattered light and not too frequent watering. The flowers can be of different colors - from orange to purple and coral.

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